GDBBM – Chapter 448

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Chapter 448: “Is That The Weakest or Strongest Team (1)”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Fan Jin who was bravely trying to put up a smile when she suddenly turned, and walked purposefully away.

Fan Jin was not about to allow Jun Xie to roam around on his own under all those malicious stares and ran to catch up with him.

Ning Xin and Yin Yan observed Fan Jin and Jun Xie while they hid within the crowd and when they saw that the two of them were ostracised and left out, they then smiled in glee.

“Where are they going?” Ning Xin saw Jun Xie suddenly turn away and walk towards a big group of disciples.

“Those are just trash from the branch division.” Yin Yan said with contempt.

Just like the disciples of the main division, the disciples from the branch division were to take part in the Spirit Hunt as well. But the atmosphere in the branch division was the exact opposite, gloomy and dismal. Their ring spirits and spiritual powers could not be compared in any way to those disciples from the main division and having been forced to undergo the ordeal of surviving seven days within the perilous Battle Spirits Forest frightened them to no end.

The group of disciples from the branch division were still immersed in their own thoughts of inescapable doom when they suddenly saw two figures from the main division approaching them and they all stared in wide eyed disbelief.

Disciples from the main division had always treated those from the branch division with contempt and had always avoided them like the plague, and refused to even look at them at all.

And right before their eyes now, two disciples from the main division were walking straight towards the place the branch division’s disciples were gathered and all their eyes were fixed on those two figures.

As they stared at the nearing Fan Jin and and Jun Xie, the disciples could not fathom what those two disciples from the main division would want from them.

“Meow~” The little black cat sat upon Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders, its fluffy tail coiled behind her neck. It pointed out the direction to Jun Wu Xie and she immediately set off towards it.

Over on that side, four youths were gathered and seated under a tree, chatting among themselves.

Suddenly a tiny figure appeared before them and the four who were chatting excitedly looked up. When they saw the figure’s face, the four youths suddenly went quiet, their faces filled with surprise.

“Little Xie?” Qiao Chu, who was biting one end of a blade of grass suddenly jumped up from the ground when he saw Jun Xie. He pounced unhesitatingly towards Jun Xie and was all ready to envelope him in a big bear hug.

However, Qiao Chu was suddenly stopped while he was still in mid air.

Fan Jin’s face was in a deep frown, his hand extended stopping the jovial and good looking youth who had wanted to jump onto Jun Xie.

“Who are you? And what were you going to do to Jun Xie?”

“I should be the one asking just who are you?” Qiao Chu was frowning at the sudden appearance of Fan Jin. He had not seen Little Xie for so long and who was this twit to come between them?

“My name is Fan Jin, a disciple from the main division.” Fan Jin said with his brows furrowed.

Qiao Chu furrowed his brow as well and spat out the blade of grass from his mouth to said nonchalantly: “Qiao Chu.”

Sparks flew between the two candid and unpretentious youths as their eyes met and a fight seems seemed imminent.

Fei Yan stood up right at that moment and walked over to stand beside Jun Xie, and said with a laugh: “You still remembered to come look for us. We thought you had forgotten all about us!”

Fan Jin had intended to first establish the identities of these people before he would let them interact with Jun Xie as Jun Xie had just too many enemies at that moment. But when he saw the sweetly smiling “girl”, Fei Yan greet Jun Xie so easily, he could not make himself raise his hand again to stop her.

A man must always…..

Treat ladies with gentleness and respect.

“You know each other?” Fan Jin heard Fei Yan’s words and asked Jun Xie.

“We came together to enroll into the Zephyr academy.” Rong Ruo stood up as well and said smiling.

Fan Jin turned to look at Jun Xie. And after he saw Jun Xie nod slightly to him, Fan Jin finally believed the other youths and lowered his defenses against them.

“Apologies if I’ve offended you.” After ascertaining that the other party were friendly to Jun Xie, Fan Jin’s face broke out into a jovial and amicable smile.

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