GDBBM – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: “Dilapidated Books (2)”

“Welcome!” Once the unkempt youth saw that there was someone browsing through his stuff, he immediately put his book away and gave a very bright smile. Although his pale face had dirt smeared all over, he gave his best business smile.

“Please have a look, if you see anything that interests you, just let me know!” He said enthusiastically.

Jun Wu Xie forced out a smile as her lips tightened into a straight line. She still felt conflicted on these books as she fiddled her fingers against the warm ring.

“What do you want in return for these books?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly. She came to this marketplace full of hope and expectations; never had she thought that she would end up trading for some dilapidated gardening books instead.

“All of these? You want all of these books?” The unkempt youth flashed a bright smile as an excited glint flashed across his eyes, as if looking at a fat sheep.

“Yes.” She nodded curtly, all she wanted was to quickly get this over with and continue looking for her cultivation technique book!

The unkempt youth grinned as he stuck out one dirty hand emphasizing all five fingers.

“Five Eastern Pearls!”

“………………………….” Jun Wu Xie stared at him blankly, looked at the books and swiftly turned around to walk away.

One Eastern Pearl’s value was equivalent to a ton of gold! That would be millions of gold coins worth! This youth’s opening price was ridiculously exorbitant!

“Hey! Hey! Don’t go! Don’t leave!” The youth immediately got flustered as he saw her turn away.

Jun Wu Xie did not even bother with him and continued to walk away as the ring started to glow and suddenly there was a bright burst of light.

“Do not go! Do not go! Do not go!” From her side came an anxious yet tender voice. Jun Wu Xie was startled as she glanced at her right sleeve.


For the sake of these dilapidated books he actually defied her and transformed so openly?

Not to mention how eye-catching his appearance was, when he appeared the bright burst of light in such a dark environment was enough to cause an uproar. A strong lotus scent was floating in the air along with his sudden appearance. This had attracted a lot of attention of many people close by and they all had stopped in their tracks and started looking around.

If only she knew how, she would have sent him straight back to that Spirit World he mentioned before!

“Shut up and stay still.” Jun Wu Xie growled. No one knew that she had a contractual spirit and if it was exposed here, things will get messy.

During their banter, the unkempt youth had managed to catch up to her and within his hands were those few books she had indicated her interest in.

“Please do not go! If you think it’s too much, I can give you a discount. How about four pearls?” He ran in front of her to obstruct her path as he tried to hard sell the books in hand.

Jun Wu Xie knew that Little Lotus would not let her go back without kicking up a fuss if she did not purchase these books. She sighed in resignation as she looked over to the youth and said, “I do not have any Eastern Pearls, only elixirs.”

“Huh? Elixirs?” The unkempt youth did not bother masking his disappointment as he scratched his head and his smile slowly faded as he muttered, “What can I do with elixirs from such a place…..”

“Well, let’s forget about it if you do not have any Eastern Pearls.” He turned and walked back listlessly.

Just as he did that, Little Lotus started acting up by struggling and kicking about in her sleeves.

Jun Wu Xie’s face turned completely black.

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