GDBBM – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: “Dilapidated Books (3)”

She deliberated for a moment but finally choked out, “Wait.”

The unkempt youth slowly turned his head as he gave a disinterested look as he apprehensively said, “Really very sorry, I’m not interested in elixirs…”

“I know.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. The contrast in his reaction was evident.

“I just need you to tell me where can I find a stall in this vicinity that accepts elixirs and I can trade it for something you want?” She asked him in a straightforward manner.

He looked at her as he deliberated for a while as he touched his nose and replied, “There is actually a man trading Eastern Pearls for elixirs, it’s just that…the type of elixirs he wants is a bit…Truthfully, I don’t think a kid like you has the type of elixirs he wants.”

This kid in front of him looked kind of fragile and he didn’t want to dash his hopes and have him humiliated in front of so many others. Although such a young kid in Ghost City was rarely seen, at such a young age what kind of elixirs could he possibly have to trade for Eastern Pearls?

“Bring me there” Jun Wu Xie curtly said.

The youth looked at her wide-eyed as he looked back at his empty stall.

“If the trade is successful, other than your four Eastern Pearls, I can give you a bottle of elixir.” Jun Wu Xie had seen his reluctance and wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible.

“I really do not want your elixir…If I had wanted elixir I do not need to come all the way here…” He grumbled and muttered to himself. He looked over at this kid in front of him and could not place this nagging feeling within.

Somehow he had felt that there was something different about this kid standing in front of him. The calmness he exuded was very different from all the other people he had came across in Ghost City. Usually young masters from prominent households would be swaggering around with a bunch of people fawning over them. This kid however, despite his young age, seem to emit a confidence that was rarely seen.

“Oh well, I might as well accompany you to that old man’s place. Since it’s been so many days I’ve been here and you are the only person to have made an offer.” He said decisively as all the apprehension he had disappeared.

Compared to the unkempt youth’s stall, this stall selling Eastern Pearls was packed with people as the crowd was gawking at the various treasures lined up.

Nine large luminous pearls were placed around a velvet box. With these luminous pearls surrounding it, the Eastern Pearls seems to be glowing with breathtaking iridescent sheen. Other than Eastern Pearls, this stall also sold many other Spiritual Gems of various grades.

After the contractual spirit has established the bond with their master and formed the ring, such gems and pearls were excellent cultivation resources that could nourish the spiritual energy and amplify the bond.

Such Spiritual Gems were worth much more as compared to normal precious gems. Each Spiritual Gem could make one’s cultivation improve by leaps and bounds! However the price was exorbitant, hence these resources are usually limited for the rich and powerful.

Lin Palace had the luxury to secure a few of these in their vault as the Founding Emperor had bestowed them a generous amount to reward them for their military merits.

Jun Xian had especially set aside a few top grade Spiritual Gems for Jun Wu Xie to use once she had become of age but there was no chance to use them.

For now, Jun Wu Xie had little interest in these Spiritual Gems. It was too early to use them as she had not even found a suitable cultivation technique. It was like a baby trying to run before it even learned how to crawl.

The stall owner was a man in his fifties, smoking a pipe as he openly gauged all the patrons surrounding his stall. Even with such a demeanor, the crowd at his stall did not seem to mind, in fact, more people began crowding around.

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