GDBBM – Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: “Malady or Poison (5)”

“Little Xie! Little Zhuo’s complexion…..” Fan Jin turned to look at Jun Xie, a big smile almost splitting across his face. But saw noticed Jun Xie was looking back at him, with utmost disdain in his eyes.

Fan Jin’s expression became one of bewilderment. He took one step forward, but Jun Xie hurriedly retreated a step as well.

“Don’t come near me.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were icily cold.

Fan Jin’s heart winced and he suddenly remembered the suspicions he had held against Jun Xie when he first opened the door earlier. He was suddenly overcome in guilt.

He could visibly see Fan Zhuo’s complexion improving before his eyes and no matter how ignorant he was in the field of medicine, Fan Jin knew that everything that Jun Xie had done earlier was to save Fan Zhuo’s life, but he had actually allowed himself to lay suspicion on Jun Xie’s intentions.

“Little Xie, I am really sorry. I did not mean to doubt you, but when I opened that door, and my eyes were met with such a scene, I could not react in time. I am really really sorry.” Fan Jin apologised sincerely as he did not want Jun Xie to look at him with those eyes filled with such derision.

Jun Wu Xie frowned, not understanding why Fan Jin was apologising, and ignored what he had said totally.

“Dirty.” Jun Wu Xie however was highly put off by the filth on Fan Jin and she pinched her nose while she pointed a finger at Fan Jin and uttered just that single word.

It finally dawned on Fan Jin and he looked down at himself before he realised he was covered in the smelly black liquid that Fan Zhuo had vomited out earlier. He had been overcome by shock and had not paid any notice to the pungent acrid odour emanating from him. And after Jun Xie had pointed it out, his numbed sense of smell suddenly came back and when the highly offensive odour wafted into his nose, Fan Jin suddenly gagged and almost vomited on the spot.

He covered his mouth in a hurry and gestured with his other hand, before he shot out of the room in a flash.

The next moment, the sound of someone vomiting outside could be heard coming in through the open doorway and then the trickling of water.

Jun Wu Xie’s frown stayed on her face as she looked at Fan Zhuo, and all the filth at the side of the bed. But she finally still stepped forward to check on Fan Zhuo’s condition.

The chaos within his body had finally subsided but Fan Zhuo was still frighteningly weak. He might have pulled through today, but dragged down with that weak body, he would not last much too long.

For Fan Zhuo to embark on a journey towards complete recovery, his treatment would need to start from the base by nursing his body’s constitution, and that would not be something that was achieved overnight.

After Fan Jin had cleaned himself up and changed into a new set of clothes, he came back into the room. He saw Jun Xie standing by the bed, taking Fan Zhuo’s pulse and his eyes suddenly turned gentle.

Jun Xie had treated him with utter disdain for being dirty and Jun Xie was now standing at Little Zhuo’s bedside. And Fan Jin knew the amount of filth by the bed was a lot more than what he had been covered in earlier.

“Thank you.” Fan Jin said just two simple words, but those words truly came out from the bottom of his heart.

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Fan Jin. She had managed to bring Fan Zhuo through today, but Fan Zhuo’s body was still extremely weak. Even if she intended to begin nursing his body, it would have to wait a while as Fan Zhuo had just come through a trauma and his body would not be able to bear up any other burden.

“How is Little Zhuo now?” Fan Jin asked.

“Fine for now, but if this continues, he will not live past a year.” Jun Wu Xie said softly. She added subsequently: “Feeding him and elixirs now would only hasten his death.”

Fan Jin’s eyes widened as he stared at Jun Xie in shock.

“Wh….. What! ?” Elixirs would kill his Fan Zhuo! ?

“His body will not be able to take it.” Jun Wu Xie almost rolled her eyes at Fan Jin, she did not have the patience to try to explain to a someone who was an ignoramus in medicine the basic knowledge that all medicine contained elements of poison.

“Then….. What can we do? Father had wanted to bring Little Zhuo to the Qing Yun Clan, but the Qing Yun Clan has disappeared!” Fan Jin’s head hung low, his eyes filled with frustration.

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