GDBBM – Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: “Gu Li Sheng’s Rage (2)”

What an audacious Li Zi Mu! Gu Li Sheng was almost bursting with anger!

He had recruited Li Zi Mu into the Spirit Healer faculty only to round out his plans. Jun Xie was to be protected by staying hidden and he had had to arrange for another disciple to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty to avoid raising any suspicions. He had accidentally bumped into Li Zi Mu on the first day the new disciples had been admitted and offhandedly chosen Li Zi Mu to be the disciple.

As for the matter with Jun Xie, Gu Li Sheng had explained it to the Headmaster and Li Zi Mu, saying that he had made a mistake himself and it had nothing to do with Jun Xie.

The intended purpose for his explanation had been exactly because he feared that the other disciples would deliberately make things difficult for Jun Xie after leaving the Spirit Healer faculty and had used his position as the Head of the Spirit Healer faculty to take on the blame for the “error”. He never would have expected that after telling Li Zi Mu the “truth” of the matter, he would actually totally disregard his words and spread such malicious rumours!

Seeing an imposter disseminating such vicious rumours that brought such calamity to his most treasured disciple made Gu Li Sheng almost want to tear Li Zi Mu to pieces.

Gu Li Sheng stared at Fan Jin in perplexity. He knew very well that in such a situation, it would not help much even if he were to step forth to explain himself once again as the vicious rumours had already spread and taken root throughout the whole Zephyr Academy.

The way things were now, Jun Xie’s days ahead in the Zephyr Academy could only be extremely difficult.

“Fan Jin, I have always trusted you and know that you are a trustworthy person. I would like to ask you to take good care of Jun Xie. The truth is…..”

Gu Li Sheng told Fan Jin the whole truth about Jun Xie. He decided to do that because of two things. Firstly, he fully trusted Fan Jin’s strength of character. Fan Jin had come up to him to argue on Jun Xie’s behalf, proving that Fan Jin saw Jun Xie as a person he would fight to defend. Secondly, with such vicious rumours swirling heatedly within the Zephyr Academy, Jun Xie’s days in the Zephyr Academy would not be easy even in the Beast Spirit faculty and without Fan Jin’s protection, Gu Li Sheng did not want to imagine what Jun Xie would be put through.

Hence, Gu Li Sheng had decided that he needed to let Fan Jin know the full picture.

Fan Jin had listened calmly at the start and became deeply shocked when Gu Li Sheng finished telling him the whole story. He stared wide eyed at Gu Li Sheng in incredulous disbelief and stuttered: “You….. you are saying….. Little Xie….. can improve….. the Spirit Healing technique! ! ?”

Great Heavens! ! What was he hearing!

Fan Jin knew clearly how precious the Spirit Healing technique was, and…..

Gu Li Sheng was actually telling him that Jun Xie had fully comprehended everything about the Spirit Healing technique within the time needed for a single stick of incense to burn out! He just could not believe his own ears!

“Yes, it still sounds absolutely unbelievable to me as I tell you this, but all that I have told you is the truth. This is a matter of gravest importance and before Jun Xie completes it, he would have to shoulder all the curses thrown at him and suffer under the injustice. I hope that you can take good care of him during this period and try your best to make his life in the academy a little easier for him.” Gu Li Sheng pleaded with a sigh.

“Uncle Gu, you can be assured that I will not allow anyone to bully Jun Xie.” Fan Jin said, thumping his chest with confidence. He might not be able to assure Gu Li Sheng of much in other areas, but shielding Jun Xie was a task he was rather sure he could take up relatively easily.

“With your assurance, I am a bit more relieved.” Gu Li Sheng smiled weakly. It had only been through Fan Jin that he realised Jun Xie’s current predicament in the Zephyr Academy.

He really had not expected the Li Zi Mu that he had offhandedly picked would be the main instigator behind all this turmoil.

After knowing the full picture, all of Fan Jin’s doubts were cleared. Realising that Gu Li Sheng was the one who put Jun Xie into the Beast Spirit faculty, he had stated that he would definitely keep an eye out for Jun Xie there. After receiving a few more words of caution from Gu Li Sheng, Fan Jin left the Spirit Healer faculty.

Gu Li Sheng was deep in thought. Whereas, Li Zi Mu who was still caught up in glee at his new position, was completely oblivious to the fact that he had greatly angered the last person he should displease even the slightest in the Spirit Healer faculty. What awaited before him in the Zephyr Academy was not the fame and fortune he envisioned, but utter failure and an absolute crushing defeat.

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