GDBBM – Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: “Defamation (7)”

Yin Yan’s words that “defended injustice” made Li Zi Mu shocked. When he had gone to the Spirit Healer faculty earlier today, he had met Yin Yan. But the senior had not shown himself to be the least bit cordial and Li Zi Mu would never have thought Yin Yan would step forth as a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty here against Jun Xie.

But from Yin Yan’s words, it was obvious that Yin Yan believed Li Zi Mu’s side of the story and that greatly bolstered Li Zi Mu’s confidence.

With that reinforced courage, Li Zi Mu went along with Yin Yan to say: “Actually, I had really not intended to stir up any trouble with Jun Xie in regards to this matter, and was hoping only for a mere apology. If he had realised his mistake, I would still see him as a fellow disciple and forget about the whole incident.”

Li Zi Mu’s and Yin Yan’s duet only served to drive all the other disciples into seeing Jun Xie as a despicable and incorrigible person, throwing dirt upon Jun Xie’s personality and reputation.

Fan Jin fumed as his rage grew.

But Jun Wu Xie only stared coldly at Yin Yan and Li Zi Mu.


[Mistress, those two are in cahoots and attempting to tarnish your name! Let me take a bite out of both of them!]

Having just awoken from its injuries, the little black cat was eager to give its body a little exercise as it licked its fangs. If it was not for Fan Jin’s appearance, it would have easily sent these idiots up to meet their maker with its Mistress, and they would not have had to hear all this nonsense.

“No rush.” Jun Wu Xie said, narrowing her eyes.

They wanted to play, she was game enough to take them on.

They still had long days ahead of them. She would return what they gave her today, a hundred times over!

Just as the atmosphere in the dining hall was getting too oppressive to even breathe, Jun Xie who had been silent all this while suddenly said: “Senior Fan, let’s go eat.”

That cold chill voice that sounded throughout the dining hall somehow broke the oppression and made it easier for everyone to breathe.

Fan Jin was shocked a moment and he stared at Jun Xie with a questioning look on his face.

Is the kid aware of what is happening here? He still had to mood to eat?

If things here were not handled properly today, and even if Jun Xie were to stay on in the Zephyr Academy, he would definitely face harsh times ahead of him here.

Attempting to take the place of someone to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty,  with such an accusation over his head, Jun Xie would be viewed through coloured lenses by teachers and disciples alike whichever faculty he ended up in hereafter.

However, Jun Xie did not care about any of this. After saying that, he turned to walk away.

Before she finds a way to improve the Spirit Healing technique, she could not afford to be found out on what she would be doing. But once she completes the technique…..

Jun Wu Xie’s cold eyes, were suddenly overcome with the frosty murder once again.

The other youths were all still quivering before Fan Jin’s presence and did not stand in Jun Xie’s way.

Fan Jin stood, his feet still rooted to the ground in surprise as he saw Jun Xie’s back getting further away from him. He suddenly recovered and rushed to catch up with Jun Xie. He did not dare to leave Jun Xie to walk alone and unaccompanied throughout the Zephyr Academy after this incident.

A brawl had been on the verge of breaking out earlier, and the one who had been the target had suddenly turned and walked off. Without a single word of explanation, and neither showing any intention to apologise, Jun Xie’s nonchalant attitude almost made it seem like he had been an innocent bystander and the ruckus had absolutely nothing to do with him.

Everyone within the dining hall were flabbergasted by Jun Xie’s shocking words and even Yin Yan was suddenly thrown off and did not know how to react. He had prepared and filled his whole chest full of thought out words meant to disgrace Fan Jin in front of all the disciples present, but….. Jun Xie had suddenly denied him of the chance.

She had not been confident of ridding herself of the enemies completely then, so Jun Wu Xie had decided not to rush into her vengeance yet.

When he saw that the figures of Fan Jin and Jun Xie had disappeared past the doors of the dining hall, Li Zi Mu who had been standing on one side rushed to come before Yin Yan and bowed deeply in acquiescence to say: “Thank you Senior for your words of justice.”

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