GDBBM – Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: “Defamation (3)”

Once Jun Xie was thrown out, Li Zi Mu would not have to worry about his lies being exposed anymore. And it would be beneath a revered Master like Gu Li Sheng to get involved in such common disputes between mere disciples besides being shown up as favouring some disciples over others.

So, as long as he could get rid of Jun Xie here, he would forever be seen as the suffering victim!

Sparks flew around the commotion within the dining hall and a faint black mist had started to envelope the little black cat.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were already icily frosty. Her personality might be rather distant and she did not like to mix with other people, she was however the kind to refuse to back down from humiliation and abuse.

“What are all of you doing there! ?” Suddenly, a shout reverberated throughout the dining hall. The shout sounded like thunder and hurt the ears of everyone within the hall!

A figure streaked past them, coming suddenly to stand beside Jun Xie. The big and tall figure blocked Jun Xie’s tiny frame completely from the crowd before Jun Xie, drawing all the unfriendly eyes onto himself.

“Se….. Senior Fan?” The group of youths who had been about to pounce on Jun Xie realised who the tall figure that stood before them was and the frenzied atmosphere immediately subsided.

The towering figure before Jun Xie, blocking the youths’ way was none other than Fan Jin!

Fan Jin usual carefree smile had suddenly disappeared without a trace and his face was now dark as thunder, his fiery gaze sweeping over all the youths surrounding Jun Xie.

Fan Jin had just stepped into the dining hall when he had immediately spotted that frail and tiny figure surrounded by a whole group of menacing youths. Seeing such a quiet and withdrawn little boy standing alone and helpless within the aggressive circle of youths evoke Fan Jin’s protective nature. He did not hesitate a moment and rushed to stand up against the mob!

“What do you want with Jun Xie?” Fan Jin asked sternly of the unfriendly youths with a frown on his face.

Fan Jin’s fierce glare swept over the newly admitted freshmen and they suddenly felt their knees shaking before the towering senior before them.

They knew who Fan Jin was! He came in fourth in the last Spirit Battle Tournament! Throughout the whole Zephyr Academy, the only people who were able to best him in battle, numbered only three!

And the fact that he was also the adopted son of the Headmaster, gave Fan Jin a invisible elevated status that the youths did not dare provoke.

Even most of the other senior disciples did not dare go against Fan Jin, and it was a given mere freshmen would not dare to even so much as squeak in protest.

“We….. we just wanted Jun Xie here….. to apologise to Zi Mu…..” The arrogance previously seen had now completely disappeared as one of the youths murmured, his head hung low between his shoulders.

“Apologise?” Fan Jin’s frown grew deeper.

“Yes. Jun Xie had almost stolen Zi Mu’s position in the Spirit Healer faculty and almost caused Zi Mu to miss his chance to become a Spirit Healer. Jun….. Jun Xie should apologise for that. All we are asking for is just an apology….. And we did not do anything to him.” Another youth defended his companions’ actions softly, adamantly feeling they were not in the wrong.

Just an apology? Fan Jin’s eyes narrowed as his gaze swept over the overturned table and the shattered bowls and dishes, and he laughed coldly in his heart.

A whole group of youths surrounding Jun Xie completely, and creating such a mess. If it was just an apology they seeked, they wouldn’t have needed to create such a mess.


“What do you mean by stealing Zi Mu’s position? Jun Xie was the disciple that Master Gu had picked, I do not want all of you spouting all this nonsense.” Fan Jin said with a deep frown.

“Senior Fan, you do not know?” The youths asked upon hearing Fan Jin’s words, their eyes suddenly shining in hope.

They had just been thinking, that Fan Jin had always been known upright and fought for justice. How would he choose to stand up for such a despicable miscreant like Jun Xie? It seemed like Senior Fan was still unaware of what has happened!

“Know what?” Fan Jin asked impatiently. He had been training the whole morning in the Beast Spirit faculty and had just finished. He did not hear anything of the tumultuous news that had spread throughout the whole Zephyr Academy that morning.


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