GDBBM – Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: “Defamation (2)”

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the farce playing out before her eyes. That Li Zi Mu could really act. Outwardly, he seemed to be always trying to smooth things out, but every statement he made was in fact condemning Jun Wu Xie further.

His sentences were often littered with words like Jun Xie “stealing” and “snatching” his well deserved spot in the Spirit Healer faculty.

Persuasion in such a way would have no effect but to defame Jun Xie further and also hang up a halo upon Li Zi Mu for being so magnanimous.

At that moment, Jun Xie was surrounded on all sides by the youths and the seniors in the dining hall were all just watching on to see how the show would play out. Not a single person among them was willing to step forth to speak out on Jun Wu Xie’s behalf.

Whether the truth was as the group of youths had claimed it to be did not matter an ounce to all the other disciples there.

“Move.” Jun Wu Xie stood up and said, her cold eyes staring at the youths blocking her passage.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes made the youths freeze in place. They had never seen anyone’s eyes so cold and chilly. Those eyes made them feel like they had just been doused in icy waters and it chilled them to their bones.

But they recovered very soon and regained their earlier bravado.

It was just a puny brat before them, what did they have to be afraid of when there were so many of them?

“Jun Xie! Do not take things too far! Having committed such atrocities, shouldn’t you at least apologise to Zi Mu? Do you know because of your actions, Zi Mu’s destiny to become a Spirit Healer was almost dashed! ?” Another youth saw that Jun Xie was refusing to apologise and trying to leave, added adamantly in displeasure.

“Apologise?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised and those piercingly chilly eyes swept through the crowd to land on Li Zi Mu.

Li Zi Mu was taken aback but he remained silent. He knew the truth behind the matter and he was sure Jun Xie knew it too. If Jun Xie were to reveal the truth and uncover his lies before everyone…..

Li Zi Mu calmed himself down quickly. So what if Jun Xie told them the truth? The suspicions buried within everyone’s hearts had sprouted even if he was to tell everyone that this was all a misunderstanding, no one would believe him and think that Jun Xie was just trying to find excuses for his shameless actions!

With that belief, Li Zi Mu puffed up his chest once again.

“That’s right! You should apologise!” A youth at the side shouted.

Jun Wu Xie laughed coldly at that moment. She found that she really deeply despised this group of noisy and brainless youths.

“I’ll say it one more time. Move.” Jun Wu Xie’e eyes turned frosty.

“What? What are you saying! ?” The group of youths were shocked by what Jun Wu Xie said and they widened their eyes in shock!

The brat actually had the cheek to ask them to move?

How could anyone be so shameless! ?

“Alright! It seems you would not be going down without a struggle! I would personally like to see whether you would be able to walk out of here today!”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed dangerously and her spirit power started to envelope her in an orange glow. The little black cat that had been in her arms hopped up onto her shoulders and stared with its slitted eyes, looking at the bunch of youths who didn’t know death was almost upon them.

The orange flare reflected in the eyes of the youths surrounding Jun Wu Xie and they were suddenly overtaken by fear. They had only remembered that Jun Xie was the youngest among the new intake of disciples and he was also the smallest in size. They had outrageously forgotten that Jun Xie also held the strongest spiritual power among them all!

They instinctively took a step back. But when they saw the tiny little black cat on Jun Xie’s shoulders who did not look like it would pose any threat to them, they pulled their hearts back down from the top of their throats and calmed themselves.

He was just a orange spirit and he possessed such a weak ring spirit. If a brawl was to break out, they would still stand a good chance against Jun Xie!

Li Zi Mu stood at the back of the crowd observing Jun Xie’s every action, and the wicked smile on his face grew wider.

If Jun Xie were to lay a finger on the other disciples by attacking any of them, he would have undeniably broken the academy rules!

He would then be immediately thrown out of the academy altogether!

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