GDBBM – Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: “Defamation (1)”

And those very words had pushed Jun Wu Xie right into the eye of the storm.

“Forget it, there is no need to harp further on it, I do not mind it in the least.” Li Zi Mu puffed up his chest to say generously, but the expression on his face did not show that he was sincere in wanting to appease the crowd.

“Zi Mu, you are too nice and generous, and that had almost allowed some sneaky person to steal your spot in the Spirit Healer faculty.” The youths around Li Zi Mu sang his praises loudly. They were envious of him, but they knew that gaining the inside track now with a future Spirit Healer would not hurt them in anyway.

Li Zi Mu’s personality was a lot more receptive to people and he got along rather well with his peers, the complete opposite of Jun Xie’s cold and unapproachable one. Even when people had wanted to try to get closer, their efforts had not been reciprocated.

“Sheesh, I would never have thought that a fellow disciple who enrolled together with us would do something like this. If my Master had not seeked me out, I would have just stayed on quietly in the Beast Spirit faculty with all my brothers.” Li Zi Mu continued with a heavy sigh.

Those words might have seemed to be spoken carelessly, but it made all the other disciples realise another point they had not considered.

If not for Gu Li Sheng’s “insistence” to right the wrong, wouldn’t Jun Wu Xie have grandly stolen Li Zi Mu’s well deserved opportunity from him right before everyone’s eyes! ? Most of the applicants who came to the Zephyr Academy had their eyes set on entering the Spirit Healer faculty, and if that rare opportunity was swiped by an imposter in their place, every single one of them would have gone mad with rage.

The group of exuberant youths felt their anger rise the more they thought about it and they thoroughly despised Jun Xie at that moment. Coupled with their intention to get on the good side of Li Zi Mu, their actions became more and more uninhibited.

“Zi Mu, you are being just too nice a guy, but we as your brothers cannot allow you to be bullied like this.” The youths looked at each other as those words were said and an idea formed before they walked towards the corner of the dining hall.

Jun Wu Xie was eating with her head lowered over her food when she suddenly felt people approaching. She looked up to see who it was. The table before her was suddenly overturned, spilling all the soup and drinks all over the floor, and the bowls and cutlery crashed loudly on to the ground.

“You are such a shameless brat to still be able to enjoy your food here! Don’t you know that after being thrown out by the Spirit Healer faculty, you no longer have the right to stay on in the Zephyr Academy?” A well built youth stepped a foot on the overturned table and used his tall stature to stare down at the tiny figure still seated on the chair, with an expressionless face.

Jun Wu Xie’s face had remained cold as she stared at the offending youth.

“Your despicable deeds have already spread to everyone’s ears. How can the Zephyr Academy ever accept such an incorrigible disciple? That would only bring down our name! You do not have the right to remain here, and before you get yourself out of the academy, you owe Li Zi Mu here an apology.” Several youths had surrounded Jun Xie, obviously having no intention to let him off easy.

Li Zi Mu watched as the scene unfolded before his eyes, and his heart secretly leapt in glee, but his face showed a look of disapproval instead, and he proceeded to say amicably: “We are all fellow disciples here, and even if Jun Xie had almost succeeded in stealing my position in the Spirit Healer faculty, I do not think that he did it on purpose.”

“Not on purpose! ? How can something like that not be on purpose! ? The fact was that Master Gu did not choose him and he was not aware of that! ? He was just hoping against hope based on the chance meeting during enrollment to climb up higher! Zi Mu, you should stay out of this. If the brat does not apologise to you here today, we will not let it slide.” The group of youths exclaimed in indignation.

The commotion attracted the attention of all the other disciples in the dining hall. The eyes of the seniors turned as well because their curiosity had already been piqued by all the swirling rumours surrounding the freshmen and having chanced upon this great show put up by the newly admitted disciples, they all stood up and found themselves a good spot to enjoy the show.



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