GDBBM – Chapter 408

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Chapter 408: “Unexpected Twist (3)”

Yin Yan was at a loss for words, as he had not thought about that.

It was when the two of them were still talking when a commotion broke out in the dining hall from the first level.

A fair skinned youth was surrounded by a crowd as they entered the dining hall. It could be seen from his looks that he was still young in age, about fifteen to sixteen years.

“Zi Mu, after all these ruckus, it turned out that you were the disciple selected to go to the Spirit Healer faculty! ? You had even gone with us to the Beast Spirit faculty this morning. I was thinking we’ll be able to train together in future but who would have thought that you would be so heartless, dumping us there and suddenly going to the Spirit Healer faculty by yourself.” The crowd clustered around the youth crooned, and laughter broke out from the group.

The youth in the center was feeling a little embarrassed but he nevertheless stuck up his chin and a smile curled up the corners of his mouth, showing how pleased he was with himself.

“I had not known, that the slight brush of shoulders between Master and me was actually the sign that I had been selected by Master. That had really kicked up quite a ruckus.” Li Zi Mu shook his head in feigned remorse, but his eyes were filled with glee.

“You were not responsible for that ruckus, it was that imposter who did it.” A youth walking with the group insinuated as he pointed with his jaw into a corner where Jun Wu Xie sat alone. Seeing no reaction from Jun Xie, he raised his voice, making himself to be clearly heard throughout the dining hall.

“For those people who do not possess the capabilities, they should not harbour such unrealistic dreams. They had only been extremely lucky to have met Master Gu once during enrollment and they had ridiculously thought they would be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty! ? Those people should take a good look at themselves in the mirror and see how they look before being so self important. They had even shamelessly gone to the Spirit Healer faculty and got themselves thrown out by Master Gu. All that had caused Master Gu to have to make arrangements to retrieve Zi Mu back to the Spirit Healer faculty. Those people are really such a joke to mankind.”

The youth’s voice was loud, and everyone within the dining hall heard every word.

With those words, those disciples who had still been wondering why Jun Xie was driven out of the Spirit Healer faculty on his first day suddenly took what they heard to be the truth.

That must be true. Gu Li Sheng’s choice disciple for the Spirit Healer faculty had not been Jun Xie in the first place. It had actually been someone else, but Jun Xie had been pompous and self opinionated and assumed he had been the chosen one, and run to the Spirit Healer faculty to try to steal Li Zi Mu’s spot. Alas, the moment Gu Li Sheng set his eyes on Jun Xie, he saw that things had gone terribly wrong, and had immediately thrown Jun Xie out of the Spirit Healer faculty.

At that moment, everyone who had been eager just to watch Jun Xie squirm in his predicament suddenly felt hatred and disdain grow and fester in their hearts, thinking that a boy at such a young tender age was already so unscrupulous trying to fish in troubled waters, and that was just too shameful of him.

Many of them spat at Jun Xie in their hearts, cursing at his disgraceful traits and that he was not qualified to remain in the Zephyr Academy. They wished fervently that he would just pack up and leave immediately.

Li Zi Mu was reveling in all the attention and adoration thrown upon him. He had wanted to ask his companions to stop all that praise for him but had suddenly decided against it when he saw the looks of idolization in their eyes.

If truth was to be told, things were not as what all the others had guessed. When Gu Li Sheng had asked for Li Zi Mu to see him, Gu Li Sheng had explicitly said that it had been his own mistake when he had provided the Teacher in charge of the lecture on the first night with an incorrect description of the selected disciple which had resulted in such a misunderstanding and that Jun Xie was innocent in all this.

But Li Zi Mu was the only one whom Gu Li Sheng had said that to and Li Zi Mu had been deeply jealous when the Teacher had announced that Jun Xie was the only disciple qualified to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty. Now that the fortunes had turned and the spotlight had turned onto him, he did not want to care whether Jun Xie was innocent. From what he saw, Jun Xie’s current predicament was all due to his own lack of awareness of his own capabilities.

And it was with this same mentality that led Li Zi Mu in his narration of his side of the cooked up story to lending more spice to it, adding fuel to the fire.


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