GDBBM – Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: “Unexpected Twist (2)”

The jade emblems for the various faculties were all different. The Beast Spirit faculty used green jade, while the Weapon Spirit faculty used black jade and the Spirit Healer faculty used white jade.

The piece of jade within Jun Wu Xie’s hand was green jade and it symbolised that she belonged to the Beast Spirit faculty.

The new disciples of the Beast Spirit faculty had already left to report at their faculty building earlier today and Jun Wu Xie, the halfway hurriedly admitted disciple was however in no hurry to get there.

Her ring spirit was plant based and studies that taught her about beast or weapon spirits did not matter to her. The only thing she wanted to learn was how to make use of the spiritual power within her.

It was that realisation that made Jun Wu Xie decide not to make her way to go join the Beast Spirit faculty campus immediately, that made her miss witnessing the way her reputation was being torn and shredded apart by the “newsflash” spreading throughout the whole academy.

It was till mid afternoon, when the disciples were all making their way to lunch that Jun Wu Xie walked into the dining hall. Her appearance attracted many stares to turn her way. Stares filled with malevolence, disdain, and pity were all directed at her and they followed her as she moved. Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat and was seemingly oblivious to the stares. She retrieved her food and sat down in a corner, bending her head down to eat. Not hearing, not seeing all that was going on around her.

“That is Jun Xie! ? The one that was kicked out on his first day?” Some of the youths who had never seen Jun Xie were craning their necks to take a good look at the tiny figure. They had not been interested to see a genius, however much was said about him, but they were now deeply interested to join in flogging a cur that had fallen into water, and were anxious to see how he looked like.

“That’s the one. It was just his first day and he was kicked out. What a joke.” Another youth sneered.

“But, didn’t being kicked out of the Spirit Healer faculty also mean he has to leave the Zephyr Academy altogether? What is he doing still being here?”

“Who knows.”

The whole hall was filled with debates and guesses surrounding the new disciple on how he had fallen from being the fortune kid to become the forsaken kid within the span of just one day.

On the second level of the dining hall, Senior Ning looked down from the railing and stared at Jun Xie sitting alone by the corner, who was eating quietly without a sound, and her eyebrow raised in question.

“That is the boy that Fan Jin has his eye on?” Senior Ning narrowed her eyes as she shot a glance at Yin Yan at the side.

Yin Yan had ran at the first instance of realising that Jun Xie had been thrown out of the Spirit Healer faculty to Senior Ning to deliver the news into her hands. At that moment, the two of them were peering down from high above, enjoying the sight of seeing Jun Xie in a quandary.


“He was really thrown out of the Spirit Healer faculty?” Senior Ning asked cautiously. “Being thrown out of the faculty on the first day of admittance. Nothing like this had ever happened before and Gu Li Sheng has always been gentle and amicable. He does not look like someone who is capable of bringing things to such an extreme.”

Yin Yan reassured hurriedly: “It is definitely true. After Jun Xie left, I specially went up to Master to ask why the newly admitted fellow disciple had left just like that. Master had then told me that he did not belong to the Spirit Healer faculty and there was no reason for him to stay within the faculty grounds.”

Recalling Gu Li Sheng’s expression when he had said those words, Yin Yan still felt a smile coming onto his face.

“Oh? Is that so? I heard that the kid had already met Gu Li Sheng during the tests carried out upon her enrollment and Gu Li Sheng had shown great interest in him. He had even asked the kid in front of everyone there if he was interested in going to the Spirit Healer faculty. It was just a few days ago and Gu Li Sheng has changed his mind?” Senior Ning’s eyes were still narrowed and she still held some suspicions on the matter. All these happenings did not seem like what Gu Li Sheng would do.

Yin Yan said in objection: “Those were just casual words from a kind teacher, how can anyone take it seriously? It was Jun Xie, who had unashamedly assumed that he had gained Master’s favour and would be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty that had created such a ruckus.”

“But didn’t Gu Li Sheng say that he had only selected one disciple this year? And that the disciple has been informed?” Senior Ning continued to ask.


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