GDBBM – Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: “Spirit Healer (3)”

“I meant it for you to bring it back to slowly go through it.” Gu Li Sheng explained.

“I’ve finished it.”

“What?” Gu Li Sheng stared at Jun Wu Xie in incredulity.

Jun Wu Xie repeated herself: “I’ve finished it.”

The book was thinner than the Zephyr Academy’s rule book and memorizing it was a relatively easy task for her.

“…..” Gu Li Sheng continued to keep his eyes on Jun Wu Xie and it only after a long moment that he asked: “Finished? Then recite to me the second paragraph on page eight if you would.”

Jun Wu Xie cast a glance at Gu Li Sheng and finally spoke slowly and clearly. She recited the passage word for word, without a single error, every word pronounced crystalline clear…..

Gu Li Sheng’s expression looked a little terrified at that moment.

He still harboured a sliver of doubt and he proceeded to put a few more books before Jun Xie and said: “Look through these.”

Jun Wu Xie shot another glance at Gu Li Sheng but had surrendered to his whim and lowered her head over the books once more, going through all of them once.

Without waiting for Gu Li Sheng to ask, Jun Wu Xie chose a few passages from the books herself and recite them out to him.


Gu Li Sheng picked the books up and put them all back into the shelf.

He swore to himself, that he would never show those books to another disciple ever again!

How embarrassing!

In the beginning, just to commit these few books to memory, he had laboured over them for almost half a year. He would never have thought that a disciple he had carelessly decided to pick up had actually used less than the time an incense stick burned out to fully memorise the whole row of books on his shelf…..

He suddenly felt embarrassed of himself…..

“Cough….. Memorising texts really isn’t too difficult. You have a rather good memory. But what’s more important….. would be to understand them.” Gu Li Sheng had never been in such an embarrassing situation before his disciples. He had always maintained his image of a mysterious and graceful teacher before their eyes and he felt that he needed to recover a little of his diminished pride.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and said: “Spirit Healing is based on a person’s innate spiritual power and it converts that spiritual power to fill up any deficiencies suffered by the spirit. But the method of conversion is not sustainable. The amount of spiritual power consumed does not match up to the amount of healing the spirit receives. The excessive loss of the spiritual power could only mean that the method employed is incorrect.”

Those books had recorded in detail everything about Spirit Healing and all of its contents might seem extremely difficult to comprehend, but to Jun Wu Xie, who even understood genetic chains most proficiently and had dominated in that field of Medicine, this concept of energy transfer was not too complicated for her to grasp fully. As long as she was provided with a solid basis to build from, she would be able to carry out unlimited conclusion from her inference from that basis.

From her perspective, Spirit Healing was indeed a most daring innovative use of one’s spiritual power, but the healing technique exhausted too much and gained too little in comparison.

It was of definite use, but it was in dire need of more research and many improvements to be made to it.

And those few books had cleared up a lot of doubts that Jun Wu Xie held, and given her fresh insights.

She had gathered from the books that a spiritual body could be converted into a kind of energy and put to use. When the little black cat had devoured the Golden Lion, it could be deemed as a form of the devouring of energy, and that energy had undergone a transformation through the black beast’s spirit and the Golden Lion’s spirit had in turn become a kind of nourishment, facilitating a sudden growth spurt in the black beast’s power.

As for Spirit Healing, it converts a person’s own spiritual power into a form of spiritual energy. Although it was not as pure as the energy from devouring an actual ring spirit, it could nevertheless achieve similar results under certain specific conditions.

Spirit Healing itself was a mystery to all other people, but to Jun Wu Xie, after having read through all those books, it suddenly dawned on her…..

All of this….. didn’t seem all that complicated afterall.

She had over complicated her thoughts on the spiritual aspects of this world and had shackled the boundaries of her own line of thoughts on it.

Jun Wu Xie was deeply immersed in her own thoughts and she spoke her own doubts and ideas out aloud on the inadequacies and flaws on Gu Li Sheng’s Spirit Healing, and even spoke out on her own ideas on the areas to improve on.

As Jun Wu Xie was not even aware that her words were spoken out loud, she failed to notice that the Gu Li Sheng sitting directly opposite her, had his mouth wide open, seemingly unable to close it for a long while.

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