GDBBM – Chapter 404

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Chapter 404: “Spirit Healer (4)”

“Hold it! !” Gu Li Sheng was overwhelmed, his head swimming with terms like “energy”, “sequence”, “equivalent exchange” and many more terms he had never even heard of before. He found himself bathed in sweat and he stood up in a flurry interrupting Jun Wu Xie’s incessant monologue.

If he were to allow the kid to go on, he would begin to start having doubts of his very own Spirit Healing and think that he had gotten it all wrong.

“What is it?” Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked at Gu Li Sheng. She did not usually speak much and only in instances within the sphere of academic speciality, would she show eagerness in engagement. And it was only through these professional terms and lingo that one would feel Jun Wu Xie was not as unapproachable as she seemed.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t….. understand what you are saying.” When those words came out through his lips, he felt strangely ashamed!

Just who was the Teacher here, and who was the disciple! ?

How did it turn out that the disciple he had just taken in spoke a whole bunch of gibberish that was beyond his understanding! ?

Jun Wu Xie’s expression was a little exasperated.

“Everything I said was about your Spirit Healing technique.”

Gu Li Sheng was feeling rather small under Jun Wu Xie’s “You founded it, how can you not understand” eyes, and his mind was still reeling from trying to make head or tail of what Jun Wu Xie had said.

A teacher’s dignity was smashed to smithereens right at that moment.

He was feeling rather sorry for himself at that moment.

Jun Wu Xie stared at Gu Li Sheng for a long while as Gu Li Sheng’s face got more and more pale. The little black cat upon Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder could not hold itself back anymore!


[Mistress, please do not use the theories from your past life to explain your thoughts in this world, especially with something so profound like the conversion of energy.

It was only then that Jun Wu Xie realised a lot of what she had said were very much based on the knowledge foundation she acquired in her past life.

“What I meant was, that the Spirit Healing technique has a lot more room for improvements.” Jun Wu Xie put her words in the simplest terms she could in a broad summary of her opinion.

But her short and simple summary did not make Gu Li Sheng’s face look any better, but made him turn a paler shade instead.

“You….. you know how to improve on it?” Gu Li Sheng asked, with a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

The Spirit Healing technique had its inadequacies but Gu Li Sheng had not been able to determine how he could improve the technique in his years of research on his own. All the other disciples he had had always only followed his instructions in their training and none of them had questioned the technique.

He had never thought that small built boy, Jun Xie, who had only first learnt about Spirit Healing for barely the time used for a stick of incense to burn, could actually spot the deficiencies within the technique.

Jun Wu Xie furrowed her brows and thought about it a moment before she said: “I can give it a try.”

“Really?” Gu Li Sheng looked doubtfully at Jun Wu Xie.


Gu Li Sheng got up grandly from his chair and circled Jun Wu Xie a few times, assessing the tiny figure before him all over.

“Kid, you want to take a gamble?”

“On?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“Since you already understand everything about the Spirit Healing technique, and feel that there are areas for improvements, I feel that there is nothing you can learn from being here. Rather than having you waste your time here in the Spirit Healer faculty, shouldn’t you use the time on other areas, and try to perfect the Spirit Healing technique instead?” The idea had suddenly just appeared in Gu Li Sheng’s head. He knew he should not have to pin all his hopes on Jun Xie, but in regards to Spirit Healing, he had exhausted all his ideas and had absolutely no idea what he could do to further improve it.

Since Jun Xie was able to spot the inadequacies in the technique so quickly, maybe…..

He might very well bring about a miracle.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Gu Li Sheng. The mirth seen earlier in Gu Li Sheng’s eyes had disappeared and he was staring at Jun Wu Xie seriously. She remained silent a moment, before she nodded slowly.

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