GDBBM – Chapter 399

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Chapter 399

Chapter 399: “Envy, Jealousy, and Hate (3)”

The man’s words had just fallen into the ears of the crowd when a great roar erupted from the floor!

The youths had been greatly expectant and now, they stared at the man in utter disbelief, unable to stay seated on their seats.

Gu Li Sheng was not coming!?

Why was that!?

Had they changed the format and method in the selection of disciples to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty!? The youths were tumultuous as they looked on at the man, asking for further elaboration.

The man looked back at the crowd helplessly to say: “Master Gu has relayed his message that the Spirit Healer faculty’s disciple for this year had already been selected.”


The youths were all stunned.

When was the selection conducted? Why were they not informed!?

The youths started discussing among themselves and many guessed that Gu Li Sheng had altered his method of selecting his disciples and had secretly observed all of their every single action upon their entry into the lecture room.

No one among them knew the exact criteria that Gu Li Sheng had set in his selection of his disciples and now that it was announced that the selection had been done, they could only guess that Gu Li Sheng had been within the room along and had been secretly observing all of them.

That conclusion made many of the youths extremely nervous as they recalled all of their actions throughout the lecture. They tried to think back on whether they had been paying close attention to the lecture or had acted distracted and unfocused. They were all worried that they might have left Gu Li Sheng a bad impression.

Seeing that the youths were all heavily confused, the man could not help but heaved another great sigh before he cleared his throat and said: “Master Gu has already informed the disciple he had chosen to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty and for all those who have not received word by now, it would mean that you have not been selected and need not continue to second guess it any further.”

The youths stared blankly at the man before them and a revelation suddenly dawned upon them all.

The man had mentioned that “Master Gu has already informed the disciple”. He had said “disciple”, and not “disciples”…..

“Teacher, Master Gu….. accepted how many disciples this year?” A youth who had caught on a little faster than the others asked cautiously as a horrible reality surfaced within his head.

The man replied: “Just one.”

Cold water splashed onto all the youths within the room and their hearts dropped into their toes. The tiny glimmer of hope they all held flickered and was finally snuffed out!


The Spirit Healer Academy accepted only one disciple this year!?

How could that be?

All the youths were utterly devastated!

“Who? Who was this most fortunate person!?” This special favour shown on just one person among them drove the youths into a frenzy. They turned to look in all directions trying to locate that most fortunate person among them.

As they turned to peer all around, their gazes swept over a lone tiny figure seated in a corner all by himself. Suddenly, their hearts froze and they stood unmoving, rooted to the ground.


Who else!

Damn it! Before that brat had even been admitted into the Zephyr Academy, he had already been invited by Gu Li Sheng to go see him at the Spirit Healer faculty! Who else would be the one selected but that brat there!

The youths had only been envious and jealous of Jun Xie before this. But upon knowing that the puny kid had stolen the one and only spot into the Spirit Healer faculty, their rage rose and intensified, coalescing into thick rolling hatred!

All of them were capable enough to gain direct entry into the main division, and they were youths of outstanding talents, praised as geniuses from where they were from. But despite all their magnificence, they had all been deemed inferior to a tiny and puny pipsqueak, who possessed a cold and distant disposition, and lost that one lone opportunity to become a Spirit Healer to him! That was such an outrage!

Even though the other faculties held greater might and power, they were nevertheless indignant that despite the great number of them, they were pushed out by such a character! ! !

All the tens of youths stared with their eyes on fire, all directed at the tiny figure of Jun Xie in the corner, wishing with all their might that the brat would just burn up in flames!



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  1. Bev says:

    Thanks so much for the chapters!! Jun Wu Xie is too good, a master sigh and with such a cold face, of course, most would hate her rather than congratulate. They are all too proud too to hate so easily

    • Mojo says:

      You must keep in mind that the only ones who can afford to go to this place are the super rich. No doubt they are all the spoiled entitled noble ore-samas who already look down on people. It doesn’t take much for such people to take offense to something not going their way. They have always gotten what they want and have zero chill to the word “No”

  2. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chap
    i think its kind of … wrong that everyone is throwing hatred against her for being better then them… i mean would they really behave other if one of themself is chosen?

    • potato999 says:

      Reading chinese novels and watching youtube videos on chinses historical figures, I have come to realize that a lot of great people met their downfall due to jealousy, hate, and envy. I think this happened to this one general I forgot the the name of and many of people. Thinking back to it, I can’t help but pity them because they got an early death just because they monopolized the limelight. It’s also kinda scary to know that there are such narrowminded people in real life.

    • ComeOnBunny says:

      Not their fault the writer made them haters.

  3. ivan says:

    I feel like Jun Wu Xie would get less hate if she weren’t dressed like a small boy and just not have a disguise at all. Though … I don’t think she’d like being called their (yes, their; the students would definitely think they have some sort of possession over her because they’re under the same academy) “Ice Queen Goddess” or something to that effect.

    • Bada says:

      Comment Liked! It’s times like these i wish the comments section had a like button. Based on the raws I read (machine translated), she’ll be crossdressing for awhile. T-T

  4. Sherin says:

    Thx for the chapter

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