GDBBM – Chapter 395

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Chapter 395: “A Disagreeable Roommate (3)”

The youth nodded readily but he felt a sudden chill in his heart. Yin Yan looked to be refined and gentle from the outside, but the vicious streak hidden beneath that exterior always sent goosebumps into him.

“What does Senior Ning want from me?” Yin Yan cast the matter with Jun Xie aside for the moment to ask of the youth.

The youth could only shake his head to reply: “Senior Ning didn’t say, but had only asked me to bring you to her.”

Yin Yan did not probe any further on it.

Moments later, the two of them came to the beast faculty’s library and on the second level of the library, a young girl dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform was sitting by the window. Light rays shone in through the window and fell onto the girl, shrouding the girl in a mesmerising light.

The girl’s eyes were lowered, absorbed into the book she held in her hand.

Yin Yan stared at the figure engrossed in her book and cleared his throat lightly before saying: “Senior Ning.”

The young girl looked up from her book and her beautiful features overwhelmed Yin Yan imposingly. Her gaze from above suffocated him and he found it difficult to breathe.

Under the girl’s gaze, Yin Yan could not help but to lower his head.

The girl then shot a glance at the youth beside Yin Yan and the youth hastily left consciously.

The girl then proceeded to ask in a slow tone: “The new freshman under Fan Jin, is staying with you?”

Yin Yan replied: “Yes, I had only just found out just as well.”

The girl continued: “You’ve seen the freshman?”


“How was it?”

“Very young, looks to fourteen or fifteen years old, and a small skinny frame. Looks unremarkable.” Yin Yan related honestly. If not for the fact that the freshman was brought in by Fan Jin into the room, he wouldn’t have even paid the new disciple any notice.

The girl shot Yin Yan a sideways glance: “If he’s unremarkable, how would Fan Jin bother to choose to mentor him?”

Although the Zephyr Academy had the tradition of having seniors mentor the new freshmen, the tradition however came with a few exceptions. The selection of the mentors had always been done by chance and nobody knew who would be selected.

But within those chances, stood two exceptions.

First, the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty were exempted. The were already very few disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty and no one knew what criteria the Master Gu Li Sheng set for his selection of his disciples. Every year, only two or three disciples were accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty, and being accepted did not mean that one would always remain in the faculty. If Gu Li Sheng were to find the disciple unsuited to study to become a Spirit Healer in the course of their training, he would not hesitate to kick the disciple out of the Spirit Healer faculty. Past history had shown, that the two to three disciples recruited every year would always end up with only one single disciple remaining with the Spirit Healers.

As of now, the number of disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty only numbered around eight or nine of them in total.

But it was exactly those eight or nine disciples who were most envied throughout the whole Zephyr Academy! It was said that those disciples did not have to shoulder any other tasks besides their training. The Zephyr Academy’s only goal for them was to turn them into prominent Spirit Healers.

And besides the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty, there was another group of people who were exempted from serving as mentors.

And that was those ranked within the top ten in the Spirit Battle Tournament!

The Zephyr Academy sets up a Spirit Battle Tournament at the end of every year. The various ring spirits were not categorised and all the disciples were gathered together to battle and the most outstanding top ten ranks would be selected from it.

Those ten disciples would be rewarded by allocating to them the best resources the Zephyr Academy had to give. Irregardless whether it was towards training or in other areas, they would enjoy better treatment than all the other disciples. The annual Spirit Battle Tournament at the end of the year was always the period the disciples of the Zephyr Academy competed the most fiercely with each other.

Fan Jin was ranked fourth in the last Spirit Battle Tournament last year and he had not needed to provide mentorship to any freshmen this year due to being exempted from taking up the laborious task that wasted time and effort.



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