GDBBM – Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: “A Disagreeable Roommate (2)”

Yin Yan frowned immediately at that moment. There was a rule in the Zephyr Academy that disciples were not allowed to summon their ring spirits as they liked but there was an exception to that rule. The rule only applied to ring spirits above three feet and did not include any below.

Jun Wu Xie had just been admitted that very day and she had just flipped through the rule book a few times. Yin Yan had seized the opportunity to deliberately make things difficult for her assuming that Jun Wu Xie was not aware of the rules, but he had not expected that Jun Wu Xie not only knew about it, but had even used the only exception to that rule to shut him up, and on top of that, Jun Wu Xie’s attitude had been unbelievably arrogant!

Jun Wu Xie had indeed just flipped through the rule book just a couple of times, but what Yin Yan did not know was that Jun Wu Xie’s brain was blessed with a photographic memory and she had actually gone through the whole rule book three times since she entered the room. Every single rule for the disciples were now memorized word for word by now.

Yin Yan’s first move against Jun Wu Xie based on the assumption that she was unfamiliar with the rules had backfired onto him.

“You dared to answer back?” Yin Yan’s eyes had grown even more malicious. Any new freshman that had just been admitted into the Zephyr Academy were all known to be jittery and nervous before the seniors, although Yin Yan had tried to dig up an excuse and tried to teach Jun Wu Xie a lesson, the freshmen were expected to bow down to their seniority and swallow it up in humility, irregardless whether there was a valid reason or not!

Meeting such an audacious freshman was a first for Yin Yan.

“You’re too noisy.” Jun Wu Xie said as she shot Yin Yan a glare.

Yin Yan’s face paled further in fury.

The youth at the side saw that Yin Yan was about to lose his control and he rushed up immediately to tug at Yin Yan’s arm to say: “Senior Ning asked to see you, do not waste your time with this rookie here.”

Upon hearing the words “Senior Ning”, the gloominess on Yin Yan’s face faded. He cast a final vicious stare at Jun Wu Xie and turned to leave with the youth.

Silence fell once again within the room.

The black cat rubbed itself against Jun Wu Xie’s hand and said: [That numbskull seems to harbour quite a bit of hatred for you. Did you offend someone again while I was in a coma?]

In regards to its Mistress’ temperament, the little black cat knew only too well. She was never one to meddle in other people’s business and disliked stirring up trouble. But her cold and fiercely independent personality nevertheless had always attracted the displeasure of others like a magnet.

Just like the situation moments ago. Yin Yan’s attitude towards Jun Wu Xie might not have been too amicable, but for a freshman to be capable of slapping a senior with the words “You’re too noisy” right before another senior, there was no one else but its own Mistress.

Tact had never been a trait that could be found on Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat did not hold any hope that its Mistress would gain any of it in this life.

“Never met him.” Jun Wu Xie replied simply.

The little black cat sighed heavily. Its Mistress had never been someone people warmed up to at first sight. This was just their first meeting and the other party already harboured such intense enmity towards her.

The little black cat was still lamenting on its Mistress’ provocative personality when on the other side of the door, the youth who had just come out of the room with Yin Yan could not stop himself but ask.

“What is wrong with you? Squabbling with a rookie like that. If you really find him obnoxious, just get someone to deal with him discreetly! You don’t have to degrade yourself like that.” The youth said easily. In the Zephyr Academy, teaching the freshmen a lesson had always been the norm.

Yin Yan frowned and said: “He was brought in by Fan Jin.”

The youth was shocked a moment as he suddenly understood the reason for Yin Yan’s actions.

“Even so, you can do it yourself then. He is just a rookie afterall, even with Fan Jin’s protection, it would be easy for you if you want to give that kid a hard time. You are afterall a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty and even if anything were to go wrong, no one would dare do anything to you.”

Yin Yan’s brow finally smoothed out after hearing the youth’s words and his mouth twisted into a malicious smile as he said: “Even without Fan Jin, the way that kid spoke to me earlier would not allow me to let him off easy anyway.”  


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