GDBBM – Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: “A Disagreeable Roommate (1)”

The Zephyr Academy allocates two people to a room in the dormitories. After Fan Jin brought Jun Wu Xie to claimed her uniforms, he proceeded to lead her to her room.

Within the room, a pale complexioned youth sat, his face gloomy, and his head lowered over a book by the window. When he heard steps approaching, he raised his head and cast his cheerless gaze over, a gaze that made one feel very uncomfortable. He looked at Jun Wu Xie and he frowned deeply, and when his eyes saw Fan Jin behind Jun Wu Xie, the sweeping glance stopped a moment and his eyes flashed very briefly. He averted his eyes away soon after and went back to his book without a word.

“You will live here from now onwards. I am on the seventh floor, last room on the extreme right. If there is anything you need from me, you can find me there.” Fan Jin said with a smile and gave Jun Wu Xie a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and Fan Jin left after bidding goodbye.

Jun Wu Xie surveyed the fittings in the room and did not feel like saying anything.

The dormitories were separated for male and female disciples and female disciples in the Zephyr Academy numbered less than one to ten males.

Jun Wu Xie’s bed was on the right side and was directly across the gloomy youth’s. She was not interested in other people and proceeded to tidy up her own things.

Besides the clothes, Fan Jin had prepared some daily necessities as well in a through package.

From the time that Jun Wu Xie had entered the room till she had tidied up all her things, her roommate had not spoken a single word. The room was deadly silent broken only by the occasional flipping pages of a book.

After a while, a youth bearing a jade emblem on his chest came in and when he saw Jun Wu Xie in the room, he was startled a moment before he walked towards the gloomy youth’s side.

“Yin Yan, this kid is your new roommate?” The youth who had just come in asked of Yin Yan, whose head was still lowered over his book.

Yin Yan raised his head and nodded slightly, his expression showing a tinge of impatience.

“You’re in for quite a bit of hassle. All new rookies are always such a handful when they are just admitted in here. I don’t know what the Headmaster is thinking. He should just dump these rookies in the branch division to polish them up a little first. I don’t know what they are here for at all.” The youth spoke mockingly, seemingly directing his words right at Jun Wu Xie.

Yin Yan replied without hesitation: “If they are so much trouble, they should learn their place.” Those words seemed to be more for Jun Wu Xie’s ears than the other youth.

“Right, I heard that Senior Fan actually brought a rookie here today. What could Fan Jin be thinking! ? We are about to embark on the Spirit Hunt soon, why would he suddenly decide to drag himself down with those useless baggage?”

Yin Yan’s eyes had suddenly turned malicious. His gaze fell on the Jun Wu Xie, who was quietly sitting on her bed. Jun Wu Xie had summoned the little black cat and she was leaning against the bedpost with the black cat resting on her lap, portraying a picture of serenity.

Yin Yan stood up suddenly and walked over to Jun Wu Xie.

His shadow fell over the bed and Jun Wu Xie looked up slowly, her cold eyes staring into a pair of malicious and gloomy eyes.

“The Zephyr Academy does not allow for any arbitrary summoning of ring spirits within its compound. Are you blind? Didn’t you see it in the academy’s rules?” Yin Yan voice sounded so malicious that it raised goosebumps on the other youth.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes did not show any expression and she only stared at her aggressive new roommate without saying a word.

The youth who had entered later was surprised at Yin Yan enmity in his tone, which was glaringly obvious by now.

Although all the seniors did not like new rookies, but he felt that Yin Yan’s tone in his words had sounded a tad bit too provocative.

Jun Wu Xie said in a chillingly clear voice: “Below three feet.”

After saying that, she lowered her head and did not bother to cast another single glance at Yin Yan.


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