GDBBM – Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: “Enrollment (8)”

In an instant, the sound of deep breaths taken by everyone sounded in the hall. The faces of seniors all appeared shocked.

“It getting rather late, everyone should bring the our new fellow disciples around to familiarise themselves. As for this kid, I’ll take him.” Upon saying that, Fan Jin disregarded the other seniors’ shocked expressions and tapped Jun Wu Xie lightly on the shoulder and signalled for him to follow as he turned to leave the hall.

Although Jun Wu Xie did not know who this “senior Fan” who had suddenly appeared out of the blue was, but when she compared him to the rest of the seniors on the halls, this guy was a much better choice.

Even after Fan Jin had led Jun Wu Xie far from the hall, the other seniors in the hall had still not recovered.

One of the new disciples bolstered his courage and asked the senior he had been paired with: “Senior, is there anything wrong with that senior Fan? Why are all your expressions so…..”

The senior breathed out heavily and rubbed at his temple: “That was Fan Jin, the adopted son of the Headmaster’s! And he came in fourth in the last Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Battle Tournament! What did that kid do to get so lucky to have Fan Jin agree to be his mentor! ?”

Fan Jin’s identity was unique. He not only had the halo of being the Headmaster’s adopted son, he possessed a rather strong ring spirit as well. On top of that, his training of his spiritual power left many other disciples of the Zephyr Academy in the dust.

“What! ?” Getting such a reply shocked the new disciple into shouting out in outrage.

The senior gave his junior a stare filled with impatience and turned to walk off. His shocked junior had no other choice but to run to catch up in a hurry.

The other new juniors who heard the news stood as if struck by lightning, all their faces frozen, that senior’s words repeating in their heads.

The Headmaster’s adopted son….. Ranked fourth in the Spirit Battle Tournament…..

They had just been laughing at Jun Wu Xie as the hot potato that everyone avoided, but they were now completely stumped instead. No matter how oblivious they were about the inner workings of the Zephyr Academy, it was clear obvious what Fan Jin’s two titles meant for his little ward.

From the way all the seniors had deferred to Fan Jin earlier, all the juniors knew that none of the seniors in the halls could even remotely compare to Fan Jin.

First it was Gu Li Sheng’s preferential treatment, and next was getting claimed by Fan Jin…..

Jun Xie’s good fortune made all the other juniors almost want to bang their heads against the wall in frustration, and hating the fact that none of that fortune had befallen on them!


Jun Wu Xie followed behind Fan Jin to walk out of the hall quickly and continued on through the main thoroughfare through the Zephyr Academy. The pair walked with Fan Jin in front and Jun Wu Xie behind, attracting a lot of attention.

“Is your name Jun Xie?” Fan Jin asked of Jun Wu Xie walking behind him as they continued on their way.


“Haha, there’s no need to be nervous. I am always very easygoing and it was Uncle Gu who asked me to come find you. His description of you was spot on! Look for the smallest sized kid and it would be you.” Fan Jin had a jovial disposition and his words were always accompanied with a bit of laughter in them.

Jun Wu Xie’s steps suddenly faltered and she looked at Fan Jin’s back thoughtfully.

“What is it?” Fan Jin turned around and looked at Jun Wu Xie who had suddenly stopped.

“Nothing.” Jun Wu Xie replied, and she lowered her head to push the thoughts out of her head.

The fact that Gu Li Sheng had arranged for someone to come get her meant that he had predicted that his words spoken before everyone on the day of her enrollment would bring her quite a bit of trouble. Having made such arrangements meant that Gu Li Sheng was still keen on accepting her into the Spirit Healer Faculty, which suited her intentions fine.

The Zephyr Academy’s main division consisted of only three faculties. The Spirit Healer, the weapon ring spirit and the beast ring spirit faculties. On the surface, Jun Wu Xie’s ring spirit was a beast ring spirit, but her real ring spirit was the Snow Lotus. Even if she were to join the other faculties, it would be of no help to her anyway.


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