GDBBM – Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: The Elder Appears (2)

Who would dare to impersonate as an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan? No one in their right mind would dare to do it.

Moreover, that person possessed the symbolic badge of the Qing Yun Clan, leading the people witnessing the commotion to believe them.

With the disappearance of the Qing Yun Clan, the meaning behind those three words attracted attention of an unprecedented level.

The man in white looked at the pleading youth before him and said: “The Qing Yun Clan is no more and I am no longer an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan. It must be fate that we met here today. I have a few more of that elixir you want but I do not have much left. If you really want it so badly, I can part with one more for the same price that you paid previously.”

The pleading youth was ecstatic and could not stop bowing in gratitude. He reached into his sleeves and pulled out three bank notes showing an amount of one hundred thousand taels each and handed it over to “Mu Chen”.

The other youths who were watching them intently all widened their eyes. Three hundred thousand taels for one elixir!?

What kind of a price was that!?

Besides the elixirs of the Qing Yun Clan, who else was able to command such prices!?

Anyone looking to enroll into the exorbitant Zephyr Academy were from families of prodigious wealth and hundreds of thousands of taels were well within their means. They were now presented before their eyes, a chance meeting with an Elder of the disappeared Qing Yun Clan, and he had just agreed to sell an elixir from the Qing Yun Clan to that youth!

Mayhem ensued!

Groups of youths swarmed out from the queue and rushed towards the tree.

“Mu Chen” was just concluding his deal with the youth when he saw a large group of sweat drenched youths rushing towards him and before he knew it, they all knelt down at his feet.

“Elder Mu! May we ask what elixir did you just sell to that youth?” A cautious youth before “Mu Chen” asked in audacity without even stating his intentions but asking about the use and effects of the elixir impudently.

Three hundred thousand taels was not a small sum and not many elixirs across these vast lands was worth that heavenly price tag!

If they splashed such a huge sum of money but got themselves an elixir they had no use for, they would undoubtedly be shown up as fools.

“Mu Chen” stared at the crowd of youths who had suddenly surrounded him and his handsome face registered a moment of surprise but was quickly suppressed and he calmed down before saying in a soft voice: “It was just an elixir that widens your veins and arteries that speeds up the development of spiritual power in training and nothing else.”

“Mu Chen’s ” tone was nonchalant, but when those words registered in the minds of the youths, their hearts started beating faster!

Widening of the veins and arteries!?

That effect was just incredibly fascinating!!

That would mean that the progress in their future training would be faster than their peers! For elixirs such as this, its effects were better when they consume it at a young age to strengthen their foundation. The youths were all below sixteen years of age and it was the perfect time for them to consume it!

Moreover, before this, they had not known that an elixir with such effects existed!

So, who else would have the ability to produce an elixir with such heaven defying effects besides the Qing Yun Clan!?

But the Qing Yun Clan had ceased to exist and only the Heavens knew when they would meet anyone from the Qing Yun Clan again. It might turn out to be the only chance in their lifetime to buy that phenomenal elixir!

“Elder Mu!” Please grace me with one of the elixir! I’ll pay! Any amount you want!” A quick thinking youth pleaded immediately, waving a handful of bank notes in his hand!

The state of their veins and arteries would affect the future development of their spiritual powers in training, who could refuse such a heavensent opportunity?

“Elder Mu! Sell one to me too!”

“Me! Me! Elder Mu! I want one too! At whatever price!”

After the first outburst from one youth, a second youth quickly followed, and a third…..

The crowd around “Mu Chen” was still growing and the first youth who had already made a purchase was pushed out by the crowd.

The youths were all on their knees as they surged around “Mu Chen”, as wads and wads of bank notes were waved in the air, begging for just one elixir!



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