GDBBM – Chapter 375

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TL: Please note name change of Heavenly Spring to Heaven’s Spring. 

Chapter 375: “Water of Heaven’s Spring (1)”

Ever since they were graced with Jun Wu Xie’s extravagant generosity, the East Wing suddenly seemed to rise from the ashes and shone blindingly with resplendent grandeur. The decrepit and rundown buildings were no more and had been completely refurbished. In the courtyard, the pond was fitted with miniature mountains and cliffs, and the entire building’s flooring were fitted with marble throughout…..

When seen from afar, among the run down buildings of the Phoenix Academy, the East Wing now stood out in contrast like a brilliant sunflower exuding brilliance, that drew all attention to it.

Jun Wu Xie’s spiritual powers had speedily increased over the past month and was nearing the orange level’s peak!

However, she was not able to achieve a breakthrough to the next level.

The only way she could break the level barrier, was to devour the spirit of others!

Jun Wu Xie held the Spirit Prison Jun Wu Yao had given her in her hands and her eyes narrowed as she fell deep in thought.

She needed to get stronger.

In order to just raise her powers, if she were to devour the ring spirit of others, that would be equivalent to murder.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow was raised. She was not afraid to kill, but why kill the innocent?

Yan Bu Gui knocked on Jun Wu Xie’s door at that moment and she got up to open the door.

For the past month, Yan Bu Gui had rarely appeared but had occasionally come to the side of the lotus pond to see how the Snow Lotus was doing.

“Plant ring spirits develop very quickly, but the hurdles faced at the level barriers are difficult to break through. Your spiritual powers have shown signs of leakage recently. Are you about to breakthrough?” When Yan Bu Gui sat down, he looked at Jun Wu Xie in all seriousness and he was not tipsy on that rare occasion.  

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“For the breakthrough, you must also take note of the spirit that you devour. The higher the level of the ring spirit you devour, the better its effect will be for you.” Yan Bu Gui said, and he pulled out a cotton bag from his hips, before he put it on the table before Jun Wu Xie.

“Open it and see.”

Jun Wu Xie opened it without a word and the moment she looked into it, her eyes sparkled brightly.

It was just a small cotton bag and a marvel was revealed within when you opened it, the space within that the bag held was much bigger that it seemed by far!

“It’s called the cosmos bag, and it’s an item from the Middle Realm. Anything you put in there would be preserved for a long period and will not get damaged.” The cosmos bag was Yan Bu Gui’s last item he had with him brought from the Middle Realm. No matter how poor they had been in the past, he had never pawned or sold it, for no other reason than the fact that the cosmos bag did not exist in the Lower Realm and if he had exposed it to be circulated, it might attract the attention of the people of the Middle Realm.

And stored within the cosmos bag, there was a intricate and beautiful wine flask, carved out from Imperial Jade.

“Take out the wine flask.”

Jun Wu Xie lifted the wine flask out from the bag.

Yan Bu Gui retrieved a cup and placed it before Jun Wu Xie before he said: “Pour out a cup.”

Jun Wu Xie raised the flask and poured its contents in. She saw that the liquid from the flask was clear and it glittered with stars as it filled the cup, and the air was suddenly filled with a fragrance that penetrated into the heart.

The aroma seemed to feel familiar like something she had smelt before but she could not remember it clearly.

“This is the Heaven’s Flask and inside it, is the Water of Heaven’s Spring. The supply is endless and will never be exhausted. The Heaven’s Spring might not be able to restore your soul, but it can at least nourish it enough to stop it from further damage. I know that you were injured by people from the Palace of the Flame Demons and while the Water of Heaven’s Spring nourishes your soul, it can also temporarily curb your soul’s presence. You would only need to drink one cup daily and it will last the whole day.” Yan Bu Gui stared at Jun Xie with a faraway look in his eyes. Jun Xie was different from Qiao Chu and the others, and he should not be confined to the tiny and virtually unknown Phoenix Academy.

Jun Wu Xie’s face showed a look of recognition. Water of Heaven’s Spring?

Wasn’t that name recorded in the dilapidated book she had? The one thing that was the most suited for the cultivation of the Snow Lotus?

Suddenly, she was able to identify where she had smelt that fragrance before.

“You poured this water into the pond?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked up at Yan Bu Gui.

Yan Bu Gui replied with a laugh: “Don’t forget, that book you use for your training and development, was given to Qiao Chu by me to put up for sale.”



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