GDBBM – Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: “Inverted (2)

Fei Yan had thought that Jun Wu Xie did not know and had purchased one whole crate of ladies wear just for him. That had encouraged him to succumb to Qiao Chu’s mischievous urging to appear before Jun Wu Xie dressed in that dress.

Who would have expected that Jun Wu Xie was actually aware of his not intended but well concealed sex!?

Thinking back on it, on the first day when Jun Xie had awoken, he had instead left the little black cat in Rong Ruo’s hands and not to Fei Yan, who had been the first person he had seen, now seemed that Jun Xie had done that with good reason!

It was obvious that Jun Xie had already been aware of Rong Ruo’s and Fei Yan’s respective sexes then!

Moreover, Jun Xie had treated Rong Ruo somewhat differently from the rest all this while.

Fei Yan was feeling terribly embarrassed at that moment but Rong Ruo was still all smiles. Rong Ruo was suddenly dragged by Fei Yan determinedly away and moments later, they came back dressed in clothes as Jun Xie had originally meant to give.


Fei Yan still somehow looked like a girl who had crossdressed and though Rong Ruo did not look out of place, seeing her all decked up in a sweet girly dress nevertheless made Qiao Chu’s skin crawl after having gotten so used to seeing Rong Ruo dressed in boy’s clothes for as long as he could remember.

Finally, both of them could not stand the awkward stares the others kept giving them and went back in to change into the clothes they had worn the first time.

Upon seeing Fei Yan looking all resplendent again in his girly attire, Qiao Chu could not help but guffawed uncontrollable that earned him another bashing from Fei Yan.

Fei Yan might be the smallest in size among the four of them, but he possessed the greatest strength. He lifted Qiao Chu with one hand and felled him with a single punch. If one were to disregard his actual sex, Fei Yan would do great justice to the term “Violent Lolita”.

While Qiao Chu was running around in circles chased by a fuming Fei Yan, Rong Ruo sat down beside Jun Xie and smiled: “Thank you.”

Even after having done so much, Jun Wu Xie had not mentioned a word about it.

“No need.” Jun Wu Xie replied softly. In her own mind, she could not think of a better use for the money.

Hua Yao stared at the crossdressed “sisters” and he suddenly found it to be rather amusing. He wiped the mirth from his face and he suddenly turned to Jun Xie in all seriousness as he said: “It might not be the best time now but Little Xie, there is one more thing we hope you can help us with.”

“Elixir?” Jun Wu Xie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Hua Yao nodded.

“Prescription.” Jun Wu Xie asked without a moment’s hesitation.

Hua Yao pulled out a prescription from within his clothes and handed it over to Jun Wu Xie whereby she gave it a quick scan with her eyes.

“Who is this medicine for?” Jun Wu Xie asked, raising her head in query.

“Master. He was severely injured many years ago while protecting us and can only numb the pain with alcohol now.” Hua Yao’s face darkened as he said those words. Due to poverty, they had not even been able to afford to buy wine for Yan Bu Gui and the pains from those injuries must have been tormenting.

The prescription was brought out together with them when they left the Middle Realm and would treat Yan Bu Gui’s injuries. When Qiao Chu had initially gone to the Ghost City to trade for Eastern Pearls, it had been one of the ingredients necessary for the elixir. But the elixir was extremely difficult to cultivate and even within the Middle Realm, very few people were able to achieve success in its cultivation.

When they came across Jun Xie, they had still been rather skeptical, but they would never let go of any trace of hope, no matter how small.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head and went through the prescription once more.

That moment of silence made Hua Yao suddenly anxious and Rong Ruo’s eyes became expectant.

“Herbs.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.


“Give me the herbs.” Jun Wu Xie repeated, looking at Hua Yao.

Hua Yao finally understood what Jun Xie had meant and his usual calm demeanor cracked a little as he grew excited.

“You can do it?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. The prescription was a little more complicated than usual but it was not still not beyond her. The sticky part was that the prescription called for extremely rare herbs and many that even Jun Wu Xie had never seen before.

“That’s just fantastic! We will do everything we can to get the herbs!” Hua Yao’s face brought into a smile just then. No matter how difficult it would be, at least now, they saw a ray of hope at the end!


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  1. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chap
    i already had hoped she would go to Yan Bu Gui, say “strip” and heal him on the spot…
    but i guess an elixier is fine too ^^

  2. solomaize says:

    Seeing as Hua Yao said cross dressed sisterS, they all knows then?
    LOL, you can actually see Qiao Chu getting beat up to pig’s face while the three were talking.

  3. solomaize says:

    Seeing as Hua Yao said cross dressed sisterS, they all knows then?
    LOL, you can actually see Qiao Chu getting beat up to pig’s face while the three were talking.
    Thanks Misty! Thanks sponsor!

  4. Solu.lovers says:

    Just asking … Jun wu Xie still crossdressing right? Is she going to tell them her true gender?

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