GDBBM – Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: “Water of Heaven’s Spring (2)”

“I had flipped through those books, but a pity I do not possess a plant ring spirit and was unable to put it to good use. Since they had fallen into your hands, it must mean they are fated to be yours.” Yan Bu Gui said as he stroked at his beard.

“You should not stay here in the Phoenix Academy. You should go out and do what you want to do.”

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head and looked at the Heaven’s Flask in her hand. The one thing that she had previously seeked endlessly, and exhausted all ways to get, had now been delivered right into her hands by Yan Bu Gui.

With the Heaven’s Flask, she would be able to return to the Lin Palace with peace of mind and need not be afraid of persecution from the Palace of the Flame Demons.


Was that what she want?

Spending her life in hiding and depending on the Water of Heaven’s Spring to escape persecution? And watch her enemies wilfully live on, while she huddled in concealment holding on tightly to the Heaven’s Flask?

“Master.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her head. “The Dark Emperor’s tomb, is the place I must go to.”

She gripped the Heaven’s Flask in her hands and Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed with unfaltering determination. Living a life of compromise was not what she wanted. Since there were people who wanted her life, she would smite down her enemies to nip the problem in the bud!

Yan Bu Gui was stunned as he stared at Jun Wu Xie in astonishment.

“The day will come that I will annihilate the Palace of Flame Demons.” Jun Wu Xie exclaimed coldly.

Yan Bu Gui was speechless for a moment before he laughed out loud suddenly.

“Good, good, good. You might be small in size, but your ambitions are commendable! No wonder you’re….. Cough, since you have chosen your path, I will not hold you back. Keep the Heaven’s Flask and the cosmos bag well and remember! You must never expose the Heaven’s Flask to anyone. That thing will draw the people of the Twelve Palaces to come rushing at you even if you do not possess a plant ring spirit, and you will not be spared.”

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. The origins of the Heaven’s Flask must be a lot more complicated than what Yan Bu Gui was letting on.

In fact, Jun Wu Xie had been a little suspicious all along. Little Lotus had previously said that the Soul Calming Jade was one of the Seven Treasures of the Spirit World but it had suddenly disappeared one day. On top of that, Yan Bu Gui and his fellow disciples had said that all the magical items of the Middle Realm had been buried deep in the Dark Emperor’s tomb, and that should also include the Soul Calming Jade.

But if the Soul Calming Jade was supposed to be in the Dark Emperor’s tomb, how did it come into the hands of others?

And why would the Heaven’s Flask incur persecution from the Twelve Palaces?

“Thank you, Master.” Jun Wu Xie did not think any further into it. No matter what the reason was, the fact that she wanted the Palace of Flame Demons annihilated would not change.

“The fact that you addressed me as your Master is more than enough thanks.” Yan Bu Gui walked out of the room, laughing loudly to himself.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly picked up the cup that contained Water of Heaven’s Spring and swallowed it all in one gulp!

From here on, she would not constrain herself to the tiny Phoenix Academy!

The Heavens seemed to have sensed Jun Wu Xie’s murderous intent as barely two weeks later, Fei Yan came to them with a piece of news.

He had found a clue for another portion of the human skin maps.

And that human skin map was actually hidden in another academy!

Zephyr Academy!

It was one of the top three academies, their fame spreading to all ends of the world!

Qiao Chu and the others packed and readied themselves. This mission, would not just involve Qiao Chu and Hua Yao, but would include Fei Yan and Rong Ruo as well. Before they set out, they were greatly shocked by another piece of news!

Jun Xie, would be going with them!

“Little Xie, you….. really would come with us?” Qiao Chu asked cautiously as he gulped loudly.

Jun Wu Xie gave Qiao Chu a chilling stare.

“Without me, you would not be able to even enter the Zephyr Academy.”

The Zephyr Academy set extremely high standards for their disciples’ enrollment and their fees were also eye poppingly exorbitant!

With that statement from Jun Wu Xie, she effectively shut out any further objections from Qiao Chu and the others immediately.

If the money did not go, they would not even be able to afford the fees!

The next moment, Qiao Chu was slumped by Jun Wu Xie’s feet crying out in gratitude: “Little Xie! You’ve been too kind to us already!”



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