GDBBM – Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: “I’m Here Now (2)”

Moving like a streak of lightning, a flash brought a strong gust of wind into the Phoenix Academy. Jun Wu Yao followed the trail of Jun Wu Xie’s lingering essence and came to a courtyard.

In the courtyard, a tall figure stood waiting in the rain.

Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow at the man who stood in his way and the corners of his mouth curled up in malicious murder.

Whoever dared appear before his eyes at that moment will only face death!

However, the bearded man in the courtyard stood as if struck by lightning when he saw Jun Wu Yao. His eyes widened in fear and he started to tremble uncontrollably. Just as Jun Wu Yao was about to raise his hand, the bearded man suddenly fell on one knee before Jun Wu Yao!

“My Lord!”

Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

In the Lower Realm, there existed a person who recognised him?

“Palace of All Life, Yan Bu Gui.” The bearded man replied immediately.

Jun Wu Yao’s mouth curled into a malicious smile and a cloud of black mist formed below Yan Bu Gui, which suddenly lifted the kneeling figure up in mid air!

“Palace of Life of the Twelve Palaces. Good….. I was just thinking who in this Lower Realm was capable of harming my little darling.”

Yan Bu Gui turned pale at that moment and his veins popped up on that pale face.

“Jun Xie….. I did not hurt him…..” Yan Bu Gui squeezed out those words from his constricted throat in a panic and if he was a moment slower, he would have died at that spot.

Jun Wu Yao frowned but the black mist threw Yan Bu Gui on the ground.

“Speak! Who did this?”

Ye Sha soul stone had broken and that had meant his demise. He was sent to protect Jun Wu Xie and Ye Sha’s sudden death had raised a sense of dread in Jun Wu Yao. He had dropped everything he was doing regardless of the consequences and rushed to the Qing Yun Clan immediately.

At the Cloudy Peaks, he only saw the Qing Yun Clan all ruined and he had followed Jun Wu Xie’s faint lingering essence and followed it to here to seek her out.

Only the Heavens knew, when he had seen Jun Wu Xie still safe and alive, his berserk mind frantic heart finally calmed. But when Jun Wu Xie had suddenly fainted in his arms, the murderous rage of tearing apart everything before him that had been suppressed for centuries broke free once again!

“It was people from the Palace of Flame Demons…..” Yan Bu Gui said, panting heavily.

“Palace of Flame Demons…..” The murder in Jun Wu Yao’s eyes rose and a black snake shot out from his sleeve, straight into Yan Bu Gui’s head.

Excruciating pain exploded in his head and Yan Bu Gui fell into spasms, sweating profusely.

The next moment, the pain completely disappeared without leaving a trace and Yan Bu Gui stood up, his face ashen and his body swaying.

“The Twelve Palaces are really getting more and more depraved, and they are now even committing such atrocities. Having managed to escape out of the Palace of Life alive was really fortunate for you.” The black snake had transmitted all the information it had gleaned from Yan Bu Gui’s head to Jun Wu Yao. He knew that Yan Bu Gui had not lied and besides that, he had found something else that was rather interesting.

“My gratitude to my Lord for sparing my lowly life.” Yan Bu Gui did not harbour any resentment but was just thankful that he was still alive.

The man before him, had never hesitated to kill. The number of people who managed to remain alive after Jun Wu Yao’s intent to kill was incited, were few and far between.

Yan Bu Gui cast a quick glance at Jun Xie who was still tightly held in Jun Wu Yao’s arms, and it dawned on him.

Jun Wu Yao must have spared his life on account that he saved Jun Xie. If that had not happened, he would be a cold lifeless corpse now.

On the other hand, his heart turned cold at the other reality.

The Lord was still alive…..

The Middle Realm faced an imminent all encompassing bloodbath, the impending doom of the Twelve Palaces now hung heavily over their heads.



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  1. Jhime85 says:

    Noooooo! Darnit what is going on? Ah I need like 10 more chapters! The plot thickens and we get our first hint of Wu Yao’s identity

  2. Navrin says:

    If I have to guess, I think he was The Lord and the 12 palaces must have betrayed him or something. But they couldn’t kill him as he was too strong?

  3. ItsmeYohann says:

    “If I have to guess, I think he was The Lord and the 12 palaces must have betrayed him or something. But they couldn’t kill him as he was too strong?”

    i don’t think he was the lord of the palaces.. because he said “The Twelve Palaces are really getting more and more depraved” which i think puts him in a antagonistic position with the said group. He probably was in a position much more higher than the palaces like an ancestor or something lol

    • Navrin says:

      Well that seems plausible…after all I don’t mind his position being even higher. I just hope he kicks their asses for messing with Wu Xie soon

    • Eng-ta says:

      Or maybe Wu You is come from upper/higher realm, not the middle realm of 12 palaces?

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    Oh…his background is even more significant

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    ty for the chap

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