GDBBM – Chapter 352

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Chapter 352: “I’m Here Now (1)”

In the hill behind the Phoenix Academy, a new unmarked grave lay. Beneath the soil, there was no body, but only a pile of broken snake bones.

Rong Ruo brought Jun Wu Xie to come before the unmarked grave. Jun Wu Xie stood before it and stared at the blank gravestone, her eyes expressionless.

SInce her rebirth, her hands had been stained full of blood. To protect the Jun Family’s sanctity, and to ensure that the Lin Palace stood tall within the Kingdom of Qi, she had killed many people.

She did not kill the black robed man, but that man had died because of her.

Yet she could not even provide him with a decent burial as his body had blown to bits. Within this grave, there was only a pile of snake bones.

Jun Wu Xie owed him her life. Although he had done it under Jun Wu Yao’s orders to protect her, she felt responsible for his death.

To protect her, he had ended his own life.

Is this what loyalty is?

Jun Wu Xie stood before the unmarked grave for a long time, and the wind in the hills blew at her long dark hair. She raised her head and looked into the light rain that had started to fall, and the rain ran down her body, drenching her completely.

Her body turned cold, but was nothing compared to what her heart was feeling.

“Let’s go back first.” Rong Ruo looked at Jun Xie with sympathy. Jun Xie was still very weak and was now drenched in the cold rain. His petite frame might not be able to withstand it.

Jun Wu Xie did not reply and only continued to stare into the sky. The raindrops splattered on her face and ran into her eyes. The cold rain felt refreshing but the chill was beginning to seep into her bones.

“If I do not keep my eye on you, how much more torture would you put yourself under?” A deep enigmatic voice sounded suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie’s body stiffened and before she could turn her head, she was wrapped into a warm and familiar embrace.

Rong Ruo stared in shock at the man who had suddenly descended from the skies. Just like a god’s descent, soundless but impossible to mistake as anything else, as he could feel the overwhelming aura that the man gave out that drove unexplainable fear and dread deep into his heart and Rong Ruo found himself unable to get any closer.

“My darling, do not know how heart wrenching it is from me to see you like this?” The familiar voice came from right behind her and Jun Wu Xie just softly murmured: “Big brother?”

He turned Jun Wu Xie petite frame to face him and Jun Wu Yao’s perfectly handsome countenance reflected in her eyes.

The slight patter of the rain wet Jun Wu Yao’s jet black hair and flowed down the flawlessly attractive face, down the deep set grooves along the sharp and perfectly shaped features.

“My darling, you have nothing to fear now. I’m here now.” He hugged Jun Wu Xie tightly within his arms and comforted her in a soft voice.

Just a few months apart almost became an eternal parting. Jun Wu Yao’s eyes held tender cherishment for Jun Wu Xie, and hidden below that was an unbelievable rage and urge to murder.

No matter who it was, if they dared to inflict any harm on his dear little darling, they must be prepared to face his unimaginable wrath.

It could have been that she was too tired, and it could be due to her serious injuries. Jun Wu Xie suddenly fell unconscious in his arms without another word.

Jun Wu Yao cradled her up in his arms and the air suddenly swirled around him forming a perfect sphere. The swirling air stream evaporated the rain from the two figures within the sphere and the rain did not penetrate any further, creating a magical sphere that kept the cold chilling rain off Jun Wu Xie.

With Jun Wu Xie in his arms, Jun Wu Yao leapt and flew straight to the Phoenix Academy.

Rong Ruo stood speechless in the rain as he stared at the departing figures, getting smaller in the distance, and only snapped back to his senses moments later after the figures disappeared.

“That man….. Is he from the Middle Realm?”

Realising the possibility, Rong Ruo was suddenly alarmed and the gentle expression faded from his face at that moment and rushed straight back to the Phoenix Academy.

Sitting lazily by the pond, and enjoying his wine sheltered from the cold rain, the bearded man was suddenly shocked when he felt an overpowering force approaching at an alarming speed. The lazy and carefree eyes suddenly steeled and glinted sharply!



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