GDBBM – Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: I’m Here Now (3)

“Mind what you say.” Jun Wu Yao threw an unmistakable warning and carried Jun Wu Xie into her room.

Rong Ruo appeared moments later and was shocked when he saw Yan Bu Gui standing pale faced, completely drenched in the rain.


Yan Bu Gui raised a hand and shook his head. “No matter what you saw, do not breathe a word about it to anyone. He is not a man we can afford to offend.”

The Dark Emperor was still alive and if the Dark Realm were to find out, they would most certainly receive their revered Emperor back to lead them readily. But….. why was the Dark Lord remaining here in the Lower Realm? What had actually happened at that time? News of the Dark Lord’s demise had spread throughout the realm then, how did he come to be here in the Lower Realm?

Yan Bu Gui held his confused mind in his hands and he suddenly laughed.

“Hahaha! The Twelve Palaces are as good as dead now.”

The Dark Lord’s black snake had the ability to delve into a person’s mind and know everything the person knew. The Dark Lord knew that Yan Bu Gui had indeed broken away from the Palace of Life, that also meant….. he knew about that other matter as well.

Rong Ruo stared at Yan Bu Gui who had suddenly laughed out loud in consternation, but he decided to remain silent.


When Jun Wu Xie woke up, she saw a familiar face before her. Her cold eyes blinked a few times before she became fully awake.

“Next time, don’t do such dangerous things.” Jun Wu Yao lay on the side of the bed, his hand propping up his head, as he said smilingly.

While Jun Wu Xie was unconscious, he had checked on her soul. He found that the once intact soul had become extremely weak. Jun Wu Xie had not sustains much external wounds but her body was currently very weak. And that weakness stemmed from the deficiency in her soul. Wounds on the body were easier to heal but injuries to the soul…..

Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes as he went deep in thought, but realising that Jun Wu Xie was watching him, he wiped those worries away from his face.

“He died for me.” Jun Wu Xie sat up. “And I didn’t even know his name.”

Jun Wu Yao shifted and sat up on the side of the bed, and in his hand, he was suddenly holding some snake bones within his palm .

“My darling wants him revived?”

Jun Wu Xie stared at the pieces of snake bone in Jun Wu Yao’s hand and her eyes glinted. Rong Ruo had said that the black snake that had sent them back here had left a pile of snake bones behind after its death. Jun Wu Xie did not see the bones, but she was quite certain the pieces in Jun Wu Yao’s hand were the same ones that Rong Ruo was talking about.

Noticing Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, Jun Wu Yao clenched his hand and a black mist engulfed the bones. The bones extended and grew, gradually taking the shape of a human.

Little by little, the shape gathered and took on its form. A man dressed in all black suddenly appeared in the room. His eyes were closed and his face looked exactly the same as the man who had blown himself up to save her days ago!

Jun Wu Xie watched without a word. The black robed man opened his eyes, his irises were just a slit like a snake’s.

“From now onwards, you are named Ye Sha.” Jun Wu Yao said to the man in black.

“Yes! My Lord!” Ye Sha fell on one knee, his face expressionless.

Jun Wu Yao raised his head and turned to Jun Wu Xie, his face beaming widely.

“Ye Sha, was and is his name.”

Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes, stroking the little black cat in her arms.

That’s not him…..

He looked the same and Jun Wu Xie could even feel the same aura emanating from the man. But the Ye Sha before her was still not the same Ye Sha who had protected her so selflessly in the Cloudy Peaks.

Jun Wu Yao noticed Jun Wu Xie’s reaction. She had not said anything, and neither had she made any expressions. But he knew exactly what Jun Wu Xie was feeling at that moment.

“Ye Sha’s soul is gathered from the same snake bones left behind. He has been reborn, and this is both Ye Sha, and not Ye Sha at the same time.”


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