GDBBM – Chapter 351

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Chapter 351:  “Phoenix Academy (4)”

Hurriedly taking the bottle of medicine from Jun Wu Xie’s hand, Hua Yao emptied it into his mouth and removed the bandages completely from his body on his own accord. Sitting on the bed quietly, he surrendered his body over to Jun Wu Xie without a word.

Hua Yao’s injuries were a little different. Most of them were inflicted on his bones, and Jun Wu Xie spent a little more time tending to him but was speedy in her treatment just the same.

Right after Jun Wu Xie’s healing hands, Hua Yao and Qiao Chu seemed to have regained a bit of colour in their cheeks.

“Thank you.” Hua Yao said simply.

Jun Wu Xie replied by shaking her head and walked a little pale faced over to Rong Ruo, retrieving the little black cat back into her arms.

Seeing Jun Xie’s face turning white, Qiao Chu and Hua Yao were acutely aware that Jun Xie had not recovered much himself but had insisted on providing treatment for the two of them. Jun Xie might not have said anything about it but they understood his unspoken intent.

Jun Xie was thanking them for their unhesitating support in his very own way.

“Erm, Little Xie, you might as well stay here with us for awhile and return home only when you are feeling a little better.” Qiao Chu said suddenly.

“No rush.” Jun Wu Xie replied softly. Hua Yao’s Teacher had said that the pond here would be able to save Snow Lotus, and she was in no rush to leave.

Little Lotus had sacrificed an arm to save her life and had morphed into Drunk Lotus forcibly without the aid of alcohol. His spiritual essence had then been greatly devastated by the white robed man. Jun Wu Xie did not know how to save Snow Lotus and if the bearded man could do it, Jun Wu Xie was willing to give up everything for it.

Jun Wu Xie was greatly troubled. After undergoing such a traumatic episode, she was forced to realise that this world was more complicated than she had imagined. The two mysterious men’s power way surpassed them and even when Hua Yao and Qiao Chu had fully released their purple leveled spiritual powers, they were still not a match for the white robed man. Moreover, the grey robed man’s powers had even been above the white robed man’s.

Many powerful exponents existed in this world and might greater than the purple leveled spiritual powers were clearly out there. Before those overwhelming strengths, her poisons would not be effective enough.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes, and they flashed with a chill.

She had barely escaped this time, at the expense of the sacrifice of another person’s life. If that black robed man had not appeared in the nick of time, and created an explosion with his own body, she would already be dead.

And next time?

Their enemies’ target had been to capture her Snow Lotus and as long as the Snow Lotus stayed with her, she would definitely meet them again, and she might not be that lucky the next time!

She did not know why they wanted the Snow Lotus for, but she absolutely refused to remain a sitting duck.

She must become strong!

This must never, ever, happen again!

Jun Wu Xie stood up suddenly. Her earlier silence had quietened the other four people in the room and all four pairs of eyes looked at her as she stood up.

“Bring me to where you buried the snake’s bones.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Rong Ruo.

Rong Ruo hesitated a moment but nodded his head after and he led Jun Wu Xie out of the room.

Within the room, Qiao Chu who had been trying his hardest to maintain a nonchalant front in Jun Wu Xie’s presence immediately slumped weakly into the bed.

The wounds on their bodies were more serious than what they had tried to portray. They had been fortunate to have received Jun Wu Xie’s miraculous treatment earlier, or they would have fallen into a dead faint by now.

“We’re really lucky to be still alive.” Qiao Chu said suddenly, as he lay on the bed weakly.

Remembering that fateful day, he had accepted that his life would end on that mountain.

“We cannot afford to die just yet.” Hua Yao stared blankly at the ceiling, and his eyes flashed with hatred briefly.

Fei Yan sighed heavily, and the brilliant smile disappeared from her face. “If you still remember the oath we took, you must treasure this life of yours. We will all die one day, but this is not the right place.”


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