GDBBM – Chapter 350

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Chapter 350:  “Phoenix Academy (3)”

Jun Wu Xie walked towards Qiao Chu and stood by the side of his bed and without a word, she lifted the blanket that covered Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu lay in the bed shocked.

Uncovered under the blanket, bloodied bandages and a variety of bottles of medicine lay, obviously hastily pushed together into a messy pile to be hidden under the blanket.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes grew icy cold at the sight.

Qiao Chu gulped loudly and pulled the blanket back to cover the evidence completely.

“They had been thrown here for days and I was too lazy to dispose of them properly. Haha….. Ha…..” Qiao Chu laughed sheepishly.

Jun Wu Xie’s grabbed at Qiao Chu’s robe and opened it up widely. Under the robe, bloodied bandages covered most of his body, blood was still seeping through those bandages and the sight of them burned Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

Qiao Chu gasped, but knew it was too late to hide his injuries. He did not move as he saw Jun Wu Xie’s face pale.

“Those….. will heal up….. real quickly.”

Jun Wu Xie ignored him and resolutely raised her head. She turned to Hua Yao who gave a long sigh helplessly before he opened up clothes in resignation and showed Jun Wu Xie his heavily bandaged upper body.

He had told the others earlier that Jun Xie was sure to find out.

“Scissors.” Jun Wu Xie asked in a chilly voice.

Qiao Chu had no choice but to dig into the mess on his bed and produced a pair of scissors, and handed it over, his heart heavy.

Jun Wu Xie held the scissors in her hand and with a few quick snips, skillfully cut the bandages away, exposing the countless wounds covering his whole body.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m… alright…..” Seeing the intensity of the stare in Jun Xie’s eyes, Qiao Chu quickly said, trying to appear nonchalant about it.

“I have a thick hide, and wounds of this degree don’t matter much.”

Qiao Chu’s impishly handsome face was black and blue and blood still clotted on half of his face. The open wounds looked extremely garish.

The room fell deathly quiet. Qiao Chu’s wounds and injuries were much worse than he was claiming them to be.

Rong Ruo and Fei Yan stood on one side, feeling very helpless. When those two had just returned that day, their injuries were no lighter than Jun Wu Xie’s. It was just that Jun Wu Xie’s injury was inflicted more upon her soul and the treatment would be a lot more complicated. Upon arrival to the academy, both had only made one statement, and fainted thereafter.

They had said…..

Save Jun Xie.

The two of them had not known who Jun Xie was, but it became clear when it was found that the two of them were still holding on tightly to Jun Wu Xie.

They had not expected that the trip to the Qing Yun Clan would make Hua Yao and Qiao Chu come back with such heavy injuries.

Jun Wu Xie did not say a word but just proceeded to bring out the medicine she had on her. She pried Qiao Chu’s mouth open and started pouring it in.

Qiao Chu choked heavily in surprise and was about to protest when he saw the chilly expression on Jun Wu Xie’s face. He quickly swallowed back the words that had threatened to rush out his throat and just sat there quietly feeling sorry for himself.

After Qiao Chu swallowed the medicine, Jun Wu Xie started to work on his wounds.

Fei Yan and Rong Ruo just watched silently from the side at first, and when they saw that Qiao Chu had so speedily looked visibly better under Jun Wu Xie’s quick movements, they were shocked speechless in awe.

“This….. is a little…..” Fei Yan blinked her eyes repeatedly as her eyes began to glow with adoration for Jun Wu Xie.

Her treatment, made their Master’s days of toil seem completely insignificant!

Rong Ruo nodded in agreement. Jun Wu Xie’s almost magical skills in medicine really opened their eyes and opened new horizons.

After the wounds were tended to, Jun Wu Xie rebandaged Qiao Chu and immediately turned to walk towards Hua Yao’s bed on the opposite side of the room.

Hua Yao eyed the bottle of medicine in Jun Wu Xie’s hand and quickly said: “I’ll do it myself.”



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