GDBBM – Chapter 349

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Chapter 349:  “Phoenix Academy (2)”

The bearded man raised an eyebrow. “It will live if you leave it in there.”

“Where are Hua Yao and Qiao Chu?” Jun Wu Xie asked next.

“Fei Yan, bring him to them.” The bearded man said as he pointed with his chin.

As he watched Jun Wu Xie’s departing back, the bearded man raised his eyebrow deep in thought and took another long pull on the jar of wine. As the wine went down burning his throat, his eyes turned to look at the Snow Lotus in the pond.

“A plant spirit….. No wonder they attracted the attention of people from the Twelve Palaces. Such a nourishing plant spirit at that. If the Higher Realm are to hear about this, it will surely bring about another bloodbath.” He muttered to himself, and laughed at the futility of the situation.

Fei Yan brought Jun Wu Xie back to the courtyard and led her towards a locked door. She was about to knock when the door opened up.

A charming youth with a gentle disposition stood behind the door. His smiling eyes were replaced by surprise when he suddenly saw Fei Yan and Jun Wu Xie outside and he said laughing a moment later: “You’re here to see them Fei Yan? And this must be the friend Brother Hua brought back with him.”

Fei Yan hopped up to stand beside the youth. At a glance, the two of them seemed to be almost the exact same height.

“That’s him. He just woke up and he insisted on getting out of bed. I couldn’t stop him, and Master told me to bring him to see Brother Hua and Qiao Chu.”

The youth smiled, and that smile’s radiance seemed to be able to put a field of flowers to shame.

The youth was about to go on when from within the room, a familiar voice called out.

“Little Xie is here? Wait! I haven’t got my pants on yet!!” Qiao Chu sounded panicked.

Fei Yan who was still by the door scoffed with a laugh: “Your stupidity might be contagious, please keep yourself well covered.”

The youth laughed melodiously and looked at Jun Wu Xie and said: “Please wait a moment. My name is Rong Ruo. I heard Qiao Chu calling you Little Xie, would you mind if I addressed you like that as well?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

Rong Ruo suddenly looked at the sky and her eyes suddenly seemed distant.

“When Brother Hua and Qiao Chu brought you back to us that day, we were greatly shocked. The black snake ring spirit that sent all of you here that day soon died after reaching here, and just left behind a pile of snake bones. I buried them in the hill behind the academy.”

Jun Wu Xie did not reply. Her memory had stopped at the moment that Ye Sha had sacrificed himself. She could not recall anything that happened after that.

That black snake might be the ring spirit of the man dressed in black. When people die, their ring spirits disappear and do not leave behind a pile of bones like the black snake did. That was rather puzzling indeed.

After a while, Qiao Chu called out again from inside the room.

“It’s okay now! Come in!”

Rong Ruo invited Jun Wu Xie in, polite and gentle.

Jun Wu Xie walked into the room and saw two beds on each side of the room, with Hua Yao and Qiao Chu lying helplessly on each one of them.

Half of Qiao Chu’s face was still wrapped in bandages and he wore a loose robe. He grinned toothily at Jun Wu Xie and Hua Yao just sat in his bed quietly, looking in a slightly better condition than Qiao Chu. When Jun Wu Xie’s gaze met his eyes, Hua Yao nodded in greeting but did not say anything.

“Carry it a moment.” Jun Wu Xie turned suddenly and handed the unconscious cat over to Rong Ruo. Rong Ruo was puzzled and he exchanged a glance with Fei Yan, and both saw the questioning eyes in each other.

The black cat must matter a lot to Jun Xie. Why had he handed it to Rong Ruo and not Fei Yan, who was the first person Jun Xie had seen when he first woke up?

The two of them did not really understand it.

“Little Xie, you can really sleep. It has been three days before you finally woke up.” Qiao Chu said with a laugh as he saw Jun Xie coming closer. With his every step, a wide smile was showing on that half of his face that was not covered.


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