GDBBM – Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: “Fight to Live (1)”

Every moment that their souls burned, it ate into Jun Wu Xie’s and the black beast’s life force. An assault that burned up their life force was unstoppable.

It was Jun Wu Xie’s ultimate finisher, and she could only use it once in her life.

The white robed man’s soul was extremely strong and for Jun Wu Xie and the black beast to restrict his movement, they had expended a great amount of their life force. In a blink of an eye, Jun Wu Xie’s body was covered in perspiration, and her face was extremely pale, completely drained of colour. The black beast’s fur had lost its shine and every strand had turned dry and brittle.

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu could see that Jun Wu Xie was looking extremely unwell. They wanted to get close but an unseen force pushed them back.

When Jun Wu Xie used her soul to attack, a soul shield formed and encapsulated her body, that did not allow anyone to come close.

“Little Xie! You’ll really die! Stop it now!” Qiao Chu panicked and shouted at Jun Xie. He did not know what Jun Xie was doing but he could guess from seeing Jun Xie’s face that was gradually losing its colour that he must have used some forbidden technique that threatened his own life to stop the white robed man’s attacks.

Worry filled the eyes of the two helpless youths. Hua Yao tried all ways and means but was still unable to get close.    

Jun Wu Xie did not move, or rather, could not move.

She had not protected that moron in her past life, and in this new chance at life again, she would not allow the same tragedy to strike again.

Her life here was an unexpected find and her rebirth might not have been that long, but she had found family bonds that she had never experienced, that had thawed her long frozen heart and allowed her to feel warmth. She felt she had already gained!

Having been suppressed within her own body by Jun Wu Xie, Little Lotus was overcome in anxiety. Qiao Chu and Hua Yao did not understand the situation, but he knew it better than anyone. His link with Jun Wu Xie’s soul allowed him to directly feel Jun Wu Xie’s gradually diminishing soul. His own fear made Little Lotus almost burst out in tears.

His mistress must not burn her soul any longer, or she would die from it!

When her soul burned out and disappeared, no one would be able to let Jun Wu Xie be reborn again!

“No….. Don’t die…..” Little Lotus was already crying in Jun Wu Xie’s body. He loved this Mistress of his and he did not want her to die like this.

He compacted his soul bit by bit, and Little Lotus made a sudden dash out of Jun Wu Xie’s body!

A bright flash of light burst from Jun Wu Xie’s finger! The violent impact forcefully blasted Jun Wu Xie away from the white robed man and the assault on the soul was suddenly broken!

A gush of blood sprayed out through Jun Wu Xie’s mouth, her burnt up diminished soul and the recoil from the sudden interruption nearly ruptured her internal organs!

A figure covered in flames hurriedly held up the collapsing Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were barely open, overcome with weakness, as she looked at Little Lotus, who had rushed out anxiously, who had broken out from her body on his own accord.

That small chubby face was covered in tears and balls of blue flame surrounded his tiny body. The blue flames reflected in his eyes and made the always timid little guy look uncompromisingly resolute.

“Don’t die, I don’t want my Mistress to die.” Little Lotus looked at Jun Wu Xie in despair, and Jun Wu Xie was no longer capable of speech at that moment. She frowned at Little Lotus, and shook her head weakly.

The burning of her soul had put her body under great trauma, and a deficiency in the soul, cannot be cured by any kind of elixir or medicine.

Little Lotus’ eyes rimmed heavily with his tears and he opened his mouth. He stared at the stubby arms holding Jun Wu Xie and he narrowed his eyes in resolute determination. He bit off a piece of flesh from his arm and fed it to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed with refusal and her heart wrenched, but she was too weak to reject. Little Lotus fed Jun Wu Xie with the flesh from his arm as the healing properties of the Snow Lotus was unparalleled.

“Fight to live!”


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