GDBBM – Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: “Overpowered (7)”

“Why struggle so? Having just you die is better than getting them all killed together with you isn’t it?” The white robed man laughed jovially, but the look in his eyes were venomous like they had just been dipped in lethal poison.

Jun Wu Xie clenched her jaw tightly. Since she had been reborn, this was the first time she felt so defeated.

In this strange world, highly skilled exponents were plentiful and her poison did not work all the time against them!

“Whether we live or die isn’t up to you! Kill me if you can! Spare me your blabbering!” Qiao Chu struggled as he pushed himself up. On the side of his face that was already heavily bruised, the flesh above his eye had split and blood flowed freely. He could not see through that eye anymore but he still refused to back down and dragged himself to come stand beside Jun Wu Xie. He panted slightly from the effort and rested a hand on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder.

“I said it before. Once within the Qing Yun Clan, I will look out for you. We are now still within the Cloudy Peaks right?” Qiao Chu pointed at the path that led down the mountain and his bloodied face as he struggled to put on a smile.   

“We agreed to go back to cultivate the elixir, and if you are not leaving, neither are we.” Hua Yao dragged himself to walk over to them. His shoulder blade was crushed and even if he could control the shape and form of his bones, he was unable to shift bones that had been crushed.

Jun Wu Xie’s breathing slowed at that moment. A strange feeling came over her that spread out from her heart. It felt foreign….. yet a little familiar at the same time.

“SInce you wish for death, I can grant that to all of you!” The white robed man exerted his strength on his hand, and broke the neck of the black beast. The black beast stopped struggling and its four limbs drooped.

Qiao Chu and Hua Yao moved to charge again, but this time, Jun Wu Xie pushed them down firmly. She kicked the ground and leapt, soaring towards the white robed man.

She was not strong enough, and might not get out of this alive. But, if she was aiming for mutual destruction, she was at the very least capable of that!

Grandfather, Uncle….. Wu Xie is sorry…..

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed grim with determination, and the silver needles that appeared in her hands were stuck into the major arteries into her own body. Her body speedily reached the white robed man and the white robed man was shocked a moment, unsure why Jun Wu Xie had come to him suddenly to seek her own death. In that moment of hesitation, the black beast whose neck he had broken suddenly came back to life and pounced onto his back, biting onto the man’s neck before he could react.

The white robed man raged in anger as the black beast bite drew blood. He grabbed at the black beast’s head with one hand and wanted to throw the beast off his back. A strange force suddenly flowed through the white robed man’s body. He felt as in his body, as if another soul had barged in forcefully! And it messed up his consciousness completely.

“You want my ring spirit so badly? Sure! I’ll give it to you! When you are dead! I’ll surely give it to you!” Jun Wu Xie was right beside the white robed man and she lifted her head, her cold eyes were frighteningly chilled in determined and unshakeable resolve.

As those bitingly cold eyes stared at him, the white robed man found himself unable to move!

The black beast’s fangs pierced further into flesh, opening up a channel into the white robed man’s soul.

Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat were joined souls and when both their souls were aflame and burning, it brought about a destructive blow directly onto a person’s soul, and circumvented the person’s spiritual power’s prowess.

The white robed man completely overpowered them, but an attack on his soul would not be that easily avoided!

Jun Wu Xie made the black beast play dead, just to win them this tiny opening!

She would rather sacrifice herself to bring down the enemy with her than cause the deaths of her comrades fighting to protect her!

Not anymore! No one must die protecting her ever again!

Not even once! She would shoulder it all!


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