GDBBM – Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: “Fight to Live (2)”

Little Lotus put Jun Wu Xie gently onto the ground and cast a glance at her weak form, before he turned to stare at the black beast with its fangs still lodged in the white robed man!

Blue flames erupted from his body and flared suddenly!

Little Lotus gave out a heaven shattering roar engulfed in those flames!

At that moment, the tiny chubby figure started to grow under raging flames!

Drunk Lotus raged in unbridled fury and his eyes burned with undeniable hatred as he cast his gaze on the white robed man!

“Little black.” Drunk Lotus squeezed those two words through his teeth.

The black beast narrowed its eyes and the light was fading from them. Jun Wu Xie’s assault on the soul was forcefully broken by the involuntary and sudden appearance of Little Lotus. But the black beast had not moved an inch and if it let go, the white robed man would embark on a massacre and Jun Wu Xie would surely not live.

But having lost Jun Wu Xie as the main pillar in the deadly assault, the black beast’s soul would only be able to hold the opponent down for a extremely short period of time and was not able to inflict any damage.

“Our debt between us, will be settled in our next lives. Let’s kill this guy here first!” Drunk Lotus had only one arm left and his fist’s knuckles crackled as he clenched it tightly.

The black beast let out a low growl as if in reply to Drunk Lotus.

Drunk Lotus did not hesitate any further and charged at the white robed man held down by black beast in the deadly grip of its fangs at the sacrifice of its soul. Drunk Lotus struck heavily at the man’s spirit, putting everything he had behind his punch in this battle to the death!

The white robed man let out a low moan and his eyes suddenly turned bloodshot. He could not believe he was injured by this group of trash in the lower realm!

“So you are the plant based spirit? At last…..” He struggled to smile and the white robed man suddenly released an explosive surge of spiritual power and the energy blasted the black beast away from him! He leapt at Drunk Lotus and grabbed him by the neck.

“Wait till you are devoured and I’ll see how arrogant you can be then!”

The strength of that grip on Drunk Lotus did not allow him to struggle free, but he ignored the overpowering hold on his neck and kicked the man on the chest with all his might!

The white robed man was pushed back a few steps from Drunk Lotus’ kick but the grip on his neck did not loosen and he was dragged along with the man.

“Damn!” The white robed man was furious, he had never found himself in such a compromised situation.

The grip on Drunk Lotus’ neck tightened further and the white robed man wanted nothing more than to break Drunk Lotus’ neck. “Anyway, as a ring spirit, you would not die. Enjoy the suffering I am about to inflict on you!”

The white robed man stretched a hand towards Drunk Lotus’ head!

At that moment, a beastly growl sounded, and the black beast who had been blown away leapt at the white robed man and sank his fangs into his upper arm.

The white robed man’s eyes flashed in rage with the pain. He did not think that his opponents would turn out to be a group of opponents so suicidal and persistent!

He concentrated his spiritual power on both his hands and the surging force shot straight towards the black beast’s head. The black beast’s jaws remained firmly lodged in the arm with its death’s grip but the blast from the white robed man’s strike tore half the flesh out from its jaws giving the black beast an agonising and devastating wound.

Drunk Lotus was driven into spasms from the surging spiritual powers and he bit hard on his own tongue to let the pain force himself to remain conscious. He raised a trembling hand to hold the white robed man’s arm tightly, to restrict its mobility.

“Attack him now!” Drunk Lotus suddenly shouted with everything he could muster.

Hua Yao and Qiao Church who had recovered a little of their energy at the side leapt at this final opportunity gained at the expense of their comrades life force and struck at the white robed man with everything they had!

A loud blast sounded through the mountain and the white robed man’s spiritual energy flared a blinding brilliance!


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