GDBBM – Chapter 342

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Chapter 342: Overpowered (5)

Ye Sha blocked the path leading down the mountain, denying the two men passage.

The white robed man threw a palm at Ye Sha impatiently. Unexpectedly, Ye Sha countered and struck back with his palm!

Two strong opposing forces exploded at that moment, and the white robed man stared at Ye Sha in disbelief when he found out that Ye Sha’s power was on par with his!

“You are not from the Lower Realm! Where are you from!?” The white robed man was shocked, as the smile faded from his face.

Ye Sha laughed coldly, but did not reply.

“Damn!” The white robed man cursed under his breath and soon, he was completely engaged with Ye Sha. The two mighty powers clashed. The surrounding grass and plants were uprooted by the rush, the wind kicked up from their movements and the ground tremored lightly below their feet!

The white robed man found that he was unable to take down Ye Sha and his muttered curses did not stop.

Ye Sha noted his opponent’s strikes and movements and committed them to memory, speedily scanning his mind to identify his opponent.

Just when the two powerful forces were deeply immersed in their combat, the grey robed man who had been awfully silent all this while charged into the battle. A powerful blast exploded from his palm, aimed directly at Ye Sha vitals. Held down by the white robed man’s ferocious attacks, Ye Sha could only shift slightly. The blast hit him squarely on the chest and a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed from Ye Sha’s mouth.

“Leave this guy to me. Do not let the plant ring spirit escape.” The grey robed man’s eyes were steely cold as he instructed the white robed man.

The white robed man stared at Ye Sha in anger, and turned to rush down the mountain. Ye Sha wanted to chase after him but the grey robed man had already engaged him and did not allow Ye Sha any choice but to fight!

Moments into the battle, Ye Sha grew frustrated. The grey robed man was more highly skilled than the white robed one!

This level of skill, would be considered very strong even in the Middle Realm!


Hua Yao and Qiao Chu did not release Jun Wu Xie but ran quickly without stopping. Their speed was much faster than Jun Wu Xie and they could see the foot of the mountain before them. But a persistent white figure suddenly appeared before them on the path down the mountain.

“Just where, do you guys think you’re going?” The white robed man’s eyes were narrowed to a slit and a chill emanated out as those eyes stared unwaveringly at Jun Wu Xie.

What amazing speed! Hua Yao and Qiao Chu were deeply surprised and they put their bodies before Jun Wu Xie, protecting their comrade behind. The double headed bone snake and the Ying Yang bear were standing at the ends of each side.

Jun Wu Xie was looking at the backs of Hua Yao and Qiao Chu, her face frowning slightly.

“His target is only me, and this has nothing to do with you. You should just leave.” Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath. Judging from Hua Yao’s and Qiao Chu’s reactions, it would seem that even if the two of them attacked at once, they would not be a match for the white robed man.

The enemy came eyeing Little Lotus hidden within her and it should not concern the two of them.

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu did not even turn their heads but stood stoically in front of Jun Wu Xie.

“Little Xie, your reasoning sounds a little off. Since we are brothers in arms, no amount of reasoning would ever make us abandon our brother and escape on our own, leaving you in the lurch.” Qiao Chu’s voice was tinged with his carefree and joyous personality.

Hua Yao replied: “We promised that man that we would bring you to safety, away from here.”

Jun Wu Xie was at a loss for words. She opened her mouth and stared at the two youths she had only known for a month. She had not known, that they saw her as a brother…..

At that moment, Hua Yao’s and Qiao Chu’s backs, overlapped the slender figure in her mind.

When they were similarly in perilous danger, that moron had done the same thing. Standing stoically in front of her…..

“Go!” Jun Wu Xie gritted her teeth and suddenly slipped past the two of them, and the little black cat on her shoulder morphed into the black beast.

She never wanted to see ever again, anyone else fall trying to protect her!


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