GDBBM – Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: “Sheep turned Predator (4)”

Mu Chen gasped deeply. When Jun Wu Xie had said “People who are dead are unable to do anything against me”, he had thought of this possibility, but now that Jun Wu Xie had confirmed it, the realization that that was the truth shocked him to the bone nevertheless.

“Although Ke Cang Ju did not possess any spiritual powers, but he was highly proficient with his poisons. How did you manage to kill him?” Mu Chen was very curious. When he was younger, he had thought to kill Ke Cang Ju in revenge for his father’s cold blooded murder, but Ke Cang Ju’s arsenal of poisons had prevented him from carrying it out.

The Jun Xie before his eyes was only a young sprouting youth! Although he had another two people with him, but judging from the voice and the unblemished skin shown by the person who impersonated Ke Cang Ju, he should only be around Qiao Chu’s age.

The widely feared and terrifying Ke Cang Ju was killed by these three young youths? It was just unbelievable.

Qiao Chu who was standing at the side smirked secretly. Ke Cang Ju was highly proficient with poison? That was before he met Jun Xie. Jun Xie’s dominance over Ke Cang Ju was total and complete, without having a single hair on himself harmed!

He suddenly thought of how Ke Cang Ju had looked when he died and a chill still ran down his spine.

Jun Xie was a sheep that instead preyed on predators and did not even spit out the bones after swallowing them whole!

“How he was killed is no longer important. What’s important is that he is dead, and Hua Yao here has taken his place and position as the head of the Hidden Cloud Peak.” Jun Wu Xie said simply as she could not be bothered to explain in detail.

Mu Chen did not probe further. After knowing Jun Wu Xie’s objective and affirming that she possessed abilities capable of getting rid of Ke Cang Ju, he had developed a certain level of trust for Jun Wu Xie.

As just for the fact that Jun Wu Xie had killed Ke Cang Ju, Jun Wu Xie had become his benefactor, who had exact revenge for his father’s merciless murder on his behalf!

“Your intention to wipe out the Qing Yun Clan might not happen so easily as Qin Yue is very careful of his own protection. All the resident experts invited reside within his the Blue Cloud Peak that he commands and even if a blue leveled spirit expert attacks him, it would only bring him death. Unless you have a purple leveled spirit user with you, you would not be able to even get close to him, much less to kill him.” Mu Chen’s brows were furrowed. If Qin Yue could be so easily killed, he would not have had to put up with so many years of suppression.

“These all not of concern to us. The number of expert exponents present would not change anything in our plans.” Qiao Chu grumbled from the side. Even Ke Cang Ju who was so highly proficient in poison had crumbled before Jun Xie without him needing to raise a single blade. How difficult could it be to take on the all brawn and no brains experts?

Mu Chen turned to Qiao Chu, staring at the dagger still pressed against the neck of his disciple, and his face darkened immediately.

“Since our goals are in tandem, can you release my disciple now?” Mu Chen asked through gritted teeth.

Qiao Chu did not move, but turned his head to Jun Xie. Only after Jun Xie had nodded, did Qiao Chu sheath his dagger and picked the unconscious disciple up carrying him upon his shoulder to go out the door. He then dropped the disciple unceremoniously upon the ground.

Mu Chen’s mouth twitched, but he did not say anything.

“You do not need to do anything to have Qin Yue killed, I will handle that. Even for the annihilation of the Qing Yun Clan, there is not much that you need to do. You will only need to fan the emotions of the other Elders into a frenzy, and that will be enough.”Jun Wu Xie said slowly. With Hua Yao’s perfect impersonation of Ke Cang Ju, he had saved them a lot of effort and she did not need to execute the plans she initially had with Mu Chen anymore.

Getting Mu Chen involved would smoothen the progress of their ploy, and it was because Mu Chen’s Cloud Treading Peak was the only saving grace that had remained clean within the thoroughly rotted Qing Yun Clan. Jun Wu Xie’s plan might have been to wipe out the whole Qing Yun Clan, but she held her principles near. She would not harm the innocents.



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