GDBBM – Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: “Mu Chen’s Unbending Will  (3)”

All the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan knew that if they ended up in the Hidden Cloud Peak, that would also mean the end of their lives.

But the disciples of the Cloud Treading Peak reacted differently. They knew that only death awaited them if they were to go to the Hidden Cloud Peak, but in order to prevent Qin Yue from having an excuse to lay hands on Mu Chen, they chose to sacrifice themselves and protect Mu Chen!

It made one wonder just how highly revered Mu Chen was to his disciples that they were willing to disregard their own safety and giving up their own lives for him.

Jun Wu Xie observed all this without a word and her gaze turned to Mu Chen.

The disciples were willing to die for him, what would he do?

Mu Chen grabbed Rong Heng and the other disciple and pushed them behind him before saying to Hua Yao: “I will not allow you to take a single disciple from the Cloud Treading Peak. If you insist, you will have to do it over my dead body! Please leave, Elder Ke. Go to Qin Yue if you please, or do whatever you please in the Qing Yun Clan, but I, Mu Chen will remain here, standing against you. I have said my piece, as long as I am still the Elder of the Cloud Treading Peak as the master of these disciples, nobody can force my disciples to do anything against their will!”

Mu Chen did not wait for Hua Yao to reply and just turned, pushing his disciples back. He had made his stand clear and his disciples are not to be preyed upon!

“I feel like I can grow to like Mu Chen, he’s much better than those pompous hypocrites in the other peaks.” Qiao Chu watched Mu Chen leave with his disciples, giving him two thumbs up in his heart for his righteousness.

“That personality of Mu Chen would have gotten himself killed if I was the real Ke Cang Ju.” Hua Yao got rid of his sinister expression and reverted to his usual calm.

“Dragons have scales that go against the grain, and so do humans. Mu Chen puts up with all the oppression thrown at him but if someone presses the wrong buttons, he would not tolerate it anymore.” Jun Wu Xie was glad that Mu Chen had reacted in the way he did. If Mu Chen had acted just like the other Elders and allowed Hua Yao to bring their disciples away, she would not have considered working with him at all.

“This thing here, do I still hide it in the Cloud Treading Peak?” Qiao Chu asked, holding a little cloth bag in his hand.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

“We need to sit down and talk to Mu Chen. A real discussion.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“That is provided Mu Chen is still willing to see us. Seeing his reaction earlier, he looked like he was about to kill Brother Hua.” Qiao Chu did not think there was any chance of them sitting down and holding a civil conversation.

“He will see us.” Jun Wu Xie assured.

“You have a plan?” Hua Yao turned to Jun Xie, feeling that the little kid had no end to ingenious ideas in his head.

Jun Wu Xie waved Hua Yao over, and Hua Yao pushed his ear over.

Soft words were whispered into his ear.

Hua Yao’s eyes sparkled and said: “This might just work.”

Moments later, Hua Yao and his disciples remained in the Cloud Treading Peak despite the earlier repeated requests for them to leave by Mu Chen. They started roaming around within the peak and the Cloud Treading Peak disciples thought they had left. They went about with their routine tasks and did not think that…..

Mu Chen sat within his study, his face dark, and his clenched fists thumped hard on the table! He clenched his jaw as he stared at the securely locked doors before him, his eyes raging with hatred that threatened to explode.

Suddenly, Rong Heng stormed in in a fluster.

“Elder Mu! Elder Ke has kidnapped Little Lin back to the Hidden Cloud Peak!”

Mu Chen stood up suddenly and his chair crashed back onto the floor, utter disbelief in his eye.

Ke Cang Ju had carried it too far!

“Keep all the other disciples within the Cloud Treading Peak and do not allow them to step out! I am going to the Hidden Cloud Peak!” Mu Chen gritted his teeth. He had not thought that Ke Cang Ju could be so despicable in the face of his clear refusal. Ke Cang Ju had deigned to ignore him completely and forcefully abducted one of the Cloud Treading Peak’s disciples!

Mu Chen could not make himself hold back any longer, the long years of suppression on served to fuel the fire that raged within his chest that was about to spew forth. After giving Rong Heng some instructions, he rushed to the Hidden Cloud Peak in the shortest time possible!

If Ke Cang Ju dared to harm a hair on his disciple, he will bury the whole of the Hidden Cloud Peak together with him!


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