GDBBM – Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: “Mu Chen’s Unbending Will  (1)”

While Hua Yao impersonated as Ke Cang Ju wrecked havoc and fanned the fire of hatred and fear throughout the Qing Yun Clan, Jun Wu Xie had not been idle. She used the nights to develop her spiritual powers with the Embellished Wooden Bead and picked suitable herbs in the Hidden Cloud Peak to cultivate elixirs with varying effects.

In the midst of all that, she made a trip down the Hidden Cloud Peak specially to hand over some medicine and herbs to correct and nurture specific complications in veins and arteries to Rong Heng.

Rong Heng had fully expected the youth that he had escorted to the Hidden Cloud Peak weeks earlier to be dead, and when he received the package, he had been flustered and could only thank Jun Wu Xie profusely. Before he left, he did not forget to remind Jun Wu Xie to be a little more careful in the Hidden Cloud Peak and that Ke Cang Ju had been stirring up quite a bit of trouble in the others peaks, so he should stay within the Hidden Cloud Peak to avoid any acts of retaliation from the other peaks.

The disciples of the other peaks were fearful and held a lot of hatred for the Hidden Cloud Peak, and they might exact their revenge on any stray Hidden Cloud Peak disciples.

Jun Wu Xie listened to his well intentioned warning, but she remained silent. She was very glad that chaos was running wild among the peaks.

Only when the whole of the Qing Yun Clan were held in the thralls of fear could her scheme proceed as planned!

Every few days, she went with Hua Yao and Qiao Chu to carry out their “insidious deeds”. Jun Wu Xie managed to get a good grasp of the differing situations among the differing peaks as well as the different personalities of the different Elders. Some were calm, some were fiery, some gloomy, but they all fell victim to Hua Yao’s tyranny as he held the banner of the Sovereign’s approval of his actions high over his head, their revered reputations shredded to pieces and almost non existent.

The wave of chaos swept over and hung heavy over the Cloudy Peaks and all the disciples and even the Elders, could not find sleep well in the middle of all the mayhem.

After sowing the seeds of fear within the various peaks of many Elders, Jun Wu Xie set her eyes on her last target, the Cloud Treading Peak of Mu Chen’s!

The Cloud Treading Peak was the least conspicuous among the twelve peaks and it was the peak with the least number of disciples. Within the whole mountain, the total disciples number only slightly over twenty. The immense peak only housed Mu Chen and over twenty disciples all year round, and it usually looked pitifully sparse and uninhabited.

Compared to the other peaks, where they could easily round up hundreds of disciples, Mu Chen’s numbers looked especially pathetic.

Mu Chen seldom accepted disciples, as he would rather not have disciples than to accept unsuitable candidates. If they did not meet the mark, he would choose to go without recruiting a single person. Added to that, Qin Yue had always suppressed Mu Chen’s power secretly further adding on to the dismal situation in the Cloud Trading Peak.

“Elder Mu Chen seems to be rather different compared to the other Elders.” Qiao Chu remarked, rubbing his chin. He had lived luxuriously and reveled in the tyranny with Hua Yao as they terrorized the various peaks, and he felt his chin was getting a little rounded.

“Mmm, if the Qing Yun Clan had a side that was clean, that would be only the Cloud Treading Peak. The Elder might be very young, but he is a steady and stalwart man. Righteous and everything that I had heard about him did not implicate him in any immoral or shady deeds. He is the only exception among all that I know about the other peaks.” Hua Yao nodded in agreement, as he shared the good impression he had of Mu Chen.

Jun Wu Xie stood at the foot of the Cloud Treading Peak and raised her head to look towards the summit.

At the summit, she seemed to be able to see a figure, dressed in blue, the robes flapping in the wind.

That man seemed to be looking in their direction.

“Can we use Mu Chen?” Hua Yao looked at the silent Jun Xie. The order that the Elders were to be terrorized were chosen by Jun Xie, and he had placed Mu Chen to be the last. On their way here, Jun Wu Xie had hinted with her words that made Hua Yao understand that Mu Chen was perceived to be different from the other Elders of the Qing Yun Clan.

Be it his personality or circumstances, he did not fit into the QIng Yun Clan at present.

“Whether he can be useful, will be his own choice.” Jun Wu Xie lowered her head, looking thoughtful.

Hua Yao smiled in silent agreement.

Qiao Chu laughed out loud and exclaimed: “Let’s put together our arrogant and tyrannical faces and set forth!”  

The only reply he got to his boisterous exclamation were two sets of cold stares directed right at him!


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