GDBBM – Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: “Soul Exchange (3)”

That cat could talk!!

And with Jun Xie’s exact same voice!

Qiao Chu almost fell off his chair, his mouth wide open.

Hua Yao was not doing any better, he had transformed into Ke Cang Ju and his expression looked absolutely horrendous.

“Little Xie?” Qiao Chu’s shocked face froze for a long while before he found his voice back and he asked hesitantly.

“Hmm.” The little black cat replied affirmatively.

Qiao Chu still felt himself screaming inside!

“Brother Hua, hit me once, see if I’m dreaming.” Qiao Chu was losing his mind.

Hua Yao accepted the invitation with glee and slapped him mightily across the face!

That big slap could almost be heard in the next peak!

“Did that hurt?” Hua Yao asked slyly, feeling better having taken his revenge.

Qiao Chu clasped his hand to his red hot burning cheek and almost cried while he said: “That really hurt…..”

The black cat….. No, more specifically, Jun Wu Xie who had taken over the little black cat’s body, was silently observing the antics of Qiao Chu and Hua Yao, its eyes calm, without a ripple of emotion showing.

No one knew she could exchange her soul with Little Black. After their had merged, she realised that the two of them could swop souls, but with certain risks involved. The little black cat’s soul was not able to sustain Jun Wu Xie’s body and when Jun Wu Xie was in the little black cat’s body, her own body would be at great risk. For if anyone who was to cause harm to her body during that period, she would be defenceless. Moreover, during the soul exchange, Jun Wu Xie would not be able to transform the little black cat’s body into the black beast.

It must be said, carrying out the exchange, brought about great risks to both the little black cat and her.

The soul exchange can be carried out only when both bodies and whole and complete. When she was just reborn, Jun Wu Xie’s body was badly ravaged, and she was not able to carry out the soul exchange. Little black cat’s soul would be unable to sustain a human body and its soul would have died together with the body, and Jun Wu Xie would have been imprisoned her whole life within the little black cat’s body, and be unable to transform.

This time, Jun Wu Xie had decided on this course of action based on the trust she had for Qiao Chu. They might not have collaborated for a long time, but based on their interaction within this period, she knew, the two of them could be trusted within this period of their alliance. Nevertheless, she did not intend to tell them about the dangers and risks involved in the soul exchange, to prevent them from getting any ideas. Moreover, harming her would do them not a bit of good here.

Every action that Jun Wu Xie took, had been carefully and meticulously thought through and repeatedly deliberated. Only after she was certain, would she make her move.

And her placid calm now, just left Qiao Chu and Hua Yao all the more speechless.

Even though the little black cat was not a ring spirit, and was closely entwined with a human soul, nobody else was able to carry out a soul exchange.

Jun Wu Xie’s action had completely changed Qiao Chu’s and Hua Yao’s perception of how things worked in the world.

After a long uncomfortable silence, Hua Yao finally recovered and he stared at the little black cat, trying very hard to speak to it like he was speaking to Jun Xie.

“You want to listen in on what Qin Yue has to say?” Hua Yao asked.

The black cat nodded, looking exceptionally graceful.  

“I need to judge Qin Yue’s level of tolerance to Ke Cang Ju.” Since the circumstances had changed, she wanted to use Ke Cang Ju’s identity to its fullest extent.

“I understand.” Hua Yao understood. Ke Cang Ju’s meeting with Qin Yue would not allow a third person to be present. But if it was only a little black cat, no matter how careful Qin Yue was, he wouldn’t suspect anything as no one else had ever heard of a human being able to swap souls with an animal before.


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