GDBBM – Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: “Soul Exchange (2)”

Qiao Chu was speechless as he stared at Jun Wu Xie’s disappearing back, his hand left hanging in the air with Jun Wu Xie’s sudden departure.

He was not objecting to being barred from entering Jun Xie’s room, but he should at least left the cat behind! He wouldn’t be able to bring the cat to Brother Hua if he was not allowed to enter Jun Xie’s room!

At least make that clear before leaving!

At the break of dawn the next morning, the still sleeping Qiao Chu was rudely shocked awake by a ear piercing scratching sound at his door. Opening the door furiously, Qiao Chu only found the little black cat sitting innocently before him.

“Did your master get you to come?” Qiao Chu looked into the sky, and the eastern sky was just lightening. The doors of all the other disciples were all still shut tight, probably still sleeping soundly in their dreams.

The little black cat narrowed its eyes, its disagreeable disposition against him last night seemed to have disappeared, but was replaced by a chilling cold.

Qiao Chu turned to the black cat and bent to scoop it up into his arms. He saw the cold and calm eyes of the little black cat as he lowered his body, and he suddenly had a vision. Standing before him was not a little black cat, but Jun Xie himself.

Those eyes! They had the exact same look!

Staring into those eyes, Qiao Chu suddenly lacked the courage to carry it. It somehow made him feel he would be carrying Jun Xie.

The little black cat did not extend its claws this time, but sauntered gracefully to come beside Qiao Chu, and with a great leap, it landed nimbly on Qiao Chu’s shoulders and its sleek feline form settled comfortably on his shoulders.

The little black cat remained silent, its paws dug lightly into Qiao Chu’s clothes and sat with its chin raised, eyes still clearly cold.

“What a sight! Why do I feel that you and your master were created out of the same mould?” Those eyes, and personality, were just a replica of its master!

The black cat had reacted differently last night though.

He did not have the time to clear his doubts. Qiao Chu made use of the still dark skies before dawn, and sped towards Hua Yao’s quarters.

Hua Yao was still dreaming deeply when a loud crash woke him suddenly. He sat up immediately staring viciously at the scoundrel who broke through the sealed window!

“Brother Hua! Morning!” Qiao Chu exclaimed as he patted himself free of the morning dew on his clothes after bringing the little black cat over. Those clothes were rather presentable and he greatly treasured them.

Hua Yao rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on. He suppressed the urge within him with everything he had, to strangle the twit before him to death.

Couldn’t he act like normal people? People who knock!

Hua Yao swallowed his rage, his eyes drawn to the sleek black form.

When Qiao Chu had broken in through the window, the little black cat had jumped off his shoulders and landed nimbly on the table at the side. It was now directly facing Hua Yao who was still sitting on the bed.

“This is…..?” Hua Yao frowned at the extraordinarily calm black cat.

Qiao Chu plopped down on a chair and said smiling: “Little Xie told me to bring it. He said to bring the cat along for the meeting with Qin Yue. Brother Hua, what do you think is the significance of bringing the cat along?”

Even Hua Yao was baffled this time, with his quick and intelligent mind, he was stumped, unable to think of a good reason for Jun Xie’s intention to bring the little black cat for the meeting.

No other preparations, but only to bring the cat?

As Hua Yao was racking his brains out to think of a reason, the cat who sat observing them coldly, suddenly opened its mouth to speak.

“When is Qin Yue coming?”

The cold, clear voice was extremely familiar to them, and looking like they had been suddenly struck by lightning, their souls almost flew out of their bodies in shock!


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