GDBBM – Chapter 303

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Chapter 303: “Soul Exchange (1)”

Qiao Chu’s eyes lit up at the news. Was it finally going to begin?

“Go back and let Jun Xie know. See if he needs us to prepare anything.” Jun Wu Xie was the brains behind the plot and Hua Yao felt that Jun Xie needed to know about it.

“Both of had just been waiting all this while?” Qiao Chu finally understood the reason for the period of inaction. Hua Yao had just assumed the form of Ke Cang Ju, and although he knew who Ke Cang Ju was, he had needed more time to fully copy his personality and mannerisms. Moreover, Ke Cang Ju had been rather conniving and had almost never gone to Qin Yue of his own volition, and if they had gone straight up to Qin Yue and made their request, Qin Yue might become suspicious, so they had laid back and waited for Qin Yue to come to them.

Hua Yao nodded in agreement.

Qiao Chu became excited. “Sure! I’ll go tell Little Xie now.”

Qiao Chu immediately got up and slipped out through the window, running the tell Jun Wu Xie the news.

The corner of Hua Yao’s mouth twitched as he stared at the open window, thinking vehemently that he would get people to seal it up the very next day!

Qiao Chu flew straightaway to find Jun Xie and as he had expected, the kid was busying himself among the herb beds. He rushed up to Jun Xie and exclaimed excitedly: “Qin Yue will be coming to see Hua….. Ke Cang Ju, and Brother Hua asked me if you needed us to prepare anything.”

Jun Wu Xie stood up, her eyes clear in understanding.

“Bring it to Hua Yao tomorrow, and have Hua Yao make sure it is present at the meeting during their discussions.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly produced a little black cat out of nowhere and the cat stared intently at Qiao Chu with its round eyes.

Qiao Chu was stunned, and he found the little black cat vaguely familiar.

“Is that your ring spirit?” He finally remembered! When they were thrown into the building with the underground chamber, the cat had hidden itself at the back of the shelf, but he had not seen the cat thereafter.

“Not exactly, Qin Yue will not sense anything amiss from it.” Little black cat was never a ring spirit, and it had never possessed any spiritual powers like a ring spirit. Qin Yue will not sense anything different and will only see it as just an ordinary black cat.

Qiao Chu nodded and reached out his cat to stroke the black cat as he asked Jun Wu Xie: “Is your ring spirit that black beast that appeared previously?” He had not forgotten the majestic black beast that had appeared in the underground chamber.

“Hiss!” The little black cat extended its claws threateningly at Qiao Chu’s stretched out hand, and he hastily retracted it. Qiao Chu then stared, his feelings hurt, at the proud furball.

He suddenly paused, when he noticed a lightning shaped crest of gold fur upon the cat’s chest. He remembered seeing the same thing on the black beast previously. And it had been the same shape and was in the same position.

“This…..” Qiao Chu could not believe what he was thinking as he pointed a finger at the little black cat, shock in his eyes.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie could guess at what Qiao Chu was thinking and confirmed it for him readily.

“………..” Qiao Chu just stood there with his mouth open, unable to find words to express his shock. The little black cat did not give out vibes of a ring spirit and Qiao Chu had concluded it was not. But….. a black cat that could transform into a black beast was still no ordinary cat!

He did not know why Jun Xie wanted him to send the little black cat to Hua Yao but he would just do as Jun Xie had asked. He had come to learn that the silent kid who did not speak much did things that normal people could not hope to comprehend, and he guessed that even Brother Hua would not understand the reason for Jun Xie’s decision this time.

Bring a cat…..

For what purpose?

“One more thing.” Jun Wu Xie said, as if suddenly remembering.

“What?” Qiao Chu looked at Jun Xie, waiting to hear something more mind boggling.

“Stand guard outside my room tomorrow, and do not allow anyone to go in. Yourself included.” Having said her piece, Jun Wu Xie turned, and walked off carrying the black cat in her arms.


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