GDBBM – Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: “Fifth Slap (6)”

Ke Cang Ju stared at Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu, his eyes narrowed with malice. He knew better than anyone how lethal the Lone Smoke was. The poison manifests itself as smoke, and even if people held their breaths, the poison would still permeate into the body through the skin at the slightest touch.

The underground chamber was relatively sealed and in this enclosed space, there was nowhere for his two prey to escape!

The Lone Smoke swirled and covered every inch of the underground chamber. The two brats were as good as dead. This poison could even kill a whole contingent of soldiers!

Enjoy every ounce of agony! Within this inescapable prison, quiver in fear as death comes to claim both of you!

Ke Cang Ju face was looking more sinister as his smile grew wider. He longed to see the two impertinent youths fall before him, and cower at his feet.

Qiao Chu had at his first chance, pulled on Jun Wu Xie’s elbow, when the words “Lone Smoke” had raised the hair on the back of his neck.

“Run! The Lone Smoke is deadly lethal! The slightest contact with the smoke will kill you!” Qiao Chu pulled at Jun Wu Xie as he shouted, his face pale with fright.

He did not expect Ke Cang Ju to possess something as lethal as the Lone Smoke.

Qiao Chu pulled frantically but found that he had not moved an inch. He turned around and saw Jun Xie staring coldly at Ke Cang Ju, still smiling radiantly.

“Jun Xie? Let’s go!” Qiao Chu looked on perplexed, almost wanting to just carry her up and run from the poison.

“This is Lone Smoke?” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, as her mouth parted in laughter, her eyes devoid of any fear. She stared calmly into the green smoke that swirled around her, as she would at ordinary smoke.

Qiao Chu froze, as he looked at Jun Xie, thinking whether the kid had lost his mind. Shouldn’t the first reaction of a normal person when they encountered lethal poison smoke be to run? But this lunatic here was just standing there, refusing to budge, staring into it, and smiling, like it was entertainment!?

Ke Cang Ju’s horrifying smile started to fade, “You brats, people who are able to die under the Lone Smoke in the Lower Realm number few and far between. For me to use such precious poison to send you to hell, you should be feeling honoured.”

If the brat’s face had not shown him such a radiant and beautiful smile, he would not have used such rare and precious lethal Lone Smoke on them. But to be able to appreciate their faces twisted in agony before they died under the Lone Smoke, it would have been all worth it.

As he saw the poison swirl and spread further, Ke Cang Ju could not contain the excitement that surged within him. The Lone Smoke had enveloped Jun Xie and tendrils of the poison caressed her skin. It would not be long, before these arrogant brats turn into a pile of bones!

“Precious?” Jun Wu Xie laughed, as she would at a good joke. She tilted her head and looked at the smoke that continued to swirl around her, and the chill in her eyes grew colder.

“If you find such insignificant toys of yours precious, I will show you something better.” Jun Wu Xie’s words reflected her amusement and she stepped forward, and flicked her sleeves, dispelling the smoke before her.

“How can you still be alright?” Ke Cang Ju’s face froze in shock. The Lone Smoke had definitely reached her and engulfed her entire body! Why was there no reaction?

That could not be possible!

The deadly Lone Smoke should have caused an immediate reaction upon any contact with the body, and how could the brat still be fine?

“You want to harm me with play toys for children? Stop kidding me.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly.


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