GDBBM – Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: “Brother Hua (2)”

Qiao Chu cleared his throat nervously and said: “Brother Hua, you should have a little more faith in me. I just happened to meet Jun Xie here in the Qing Yun Clan’s Cloudy Peaks. We were both candidates applying to be admitted into the Qing Yun Clan as disciples. You know very well how dangerous it is late at night within the Hidden Cloud Peak, if I had left him alone out there, he would have been in grave danger.”

The pretty youth’s frown eased and he turned to Jun Wu Xie and said: “My name is Hua Yao, our dense Qiao Chu told us about you before and we did not expect to meet you here. This is not exactly the right place nor the right time for a first meeting, or I would have much more I would like to say to you.”

Hua Yao had a pleasant voice, and his tone was neither hurried nor slow, pulling at the heartstrings of people, but his bewitchingly pretty face was startlingly cold.

“If you are anything like what Qiao Chu had told us, I would think that you had come to the Qing Yun Clan with other underlying motives and not just to be a disciple under them. The Hidden Cloud Peak is not a safe place, no matter what your motives are, just remember this. Stay away from Ke Cang Ju. Do not pay heed to any of the seniors’ suggestions to meet up alone, and do not take any medicine or elixirs of unknown origins….. If you can, do not even eat or drink anything from them.” The brow that had just eased suddenly creased back into a frown.

When Qiao Chu had first mentioned his meeting with the kid in the Ghost City, they had hoped to find him again, to see if he could help them with producing the elixir that they needed.

They had managed to find the person, but it most definitely was not the right place or time for them to discuss any of their intentions.

They had another task at hand and were unable to bring Jun Wu Xie back with them, and they could only try their best not put expose Jun Wu Xie to any danger before their mission was completed.

“Those people out there, the disciples the Hidden Cloud Peak newly brought in, did not have their names recorded in their list of disciples. Even if they were to die, no one would be able to find out they were associated with the Hidden Cloud Peak. All the disciples secretly brought in by Ke Cang Ju, would end up dying here in this underground chamber, as his live subjects in his research of poisons. If I remember it correctly, he will torture the batch of new recruits the first night they enter the Hidden Cloud Peak.” Hua Yao continued.

“You should have seen them, Brother Hua! That hideous beast actually made everyone go hungry and made them go fetch water.” Qiao Chu nodded as he said, revealing that his well prepared self must have been through the information given by Hua Yao.

Hua Yao’s lips curled slightly, forming into a devilish cold smile.

“Vigorous activities on an empty stomach will burn out those bodies thoroughly, and it will not be a surprise if a few of them were to fall ill. If Ke Cang Ju truly intends to kill the whole bunch of recruits, he will not do it to all of them at the same time, but to start off with the most inconspicuous methods and whittle them down bit by bit to fully utilise them. The Hidden Cloud Peak is actually just a pen that cages in all these sacrificial sheeps, and Ke Cang Ju just needs to introduce an excuse or two when he needs to, and to keep the rest in the dark about his shady actions, he proclaims to bring back and ‘heal’ those that had fallen sick. Am I right?” Jun Wu Xie asked nonchalantly, her eyes narrowed as she shared her analysis.

In order to not alert the rest of the herd of sacrificial sheep, Ke Cang Ju used harsh treatments to tire them out, and those disciples who injured themselves or needed other treatments would be brought to the Elder, and nothing would seem out of place.

And as for those who were brought away, the rest would be too tired to bother whether they were dead or alive.

A whole batch of new and naive recruits brought into the Hidden Cloud Peak, would only end up dying one after another. And by the time any of them felt anything amiss, it would have been too late.

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