GDBBM – Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: “Brother Hua (2)”

Hua Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie in surprise, he had not expected to see such a young boy to be able to assess Ke Cang Ju’s underhanded and malicious deeds in such detail after just spending half a day in the Hidden Cloud Peak. He saw that Jun Wu Xie was indeed extraordinary.

“Your guess is right on the mark. That is indeed Ke Cang Ju’s modus operandi. He would bring in a few of them every other few days, and kills them all off slowly. Within the Hidden Cloud Peak, only those disciples dressed in the Qing Yun Clan’s uniform are truly safe as they are wolves of the same pack, and know exactly how things work within the peak.” Hua Yao affirmed, impressed by Jun Wu Xie.

“You came in last month?” Jun Wu Xie looked at Hua Yao, noticing the grave injuries on him, but compared to the others within this underground chamber, were far less serious, and at least he was conscious.

Hua Yao nodded, “I am the last one to be brought here into this chamber from the previous batch, and I sent my contractual ring spirit bearing all these information to Qiao Chu before I came in.”

Jun Wu Xie observed Hua Yao and noticed the blood on his wounds had clotted. His body looked a mess, but he seemed to be in good spirits. If he had not been seen to have hung shackled and pierced with stakes to the wall just moments ago, nobody could have guessed at the travesty done upon him.

For a normal person, to have their pelvic bones pierced through and stakes driven through the body, even if they did not die, they would be on their last breaths. But Hua Yao seemed to still be rather spirited.

Noticing Jun Wu Xie’s eyes upon Hua Yao, Qiao Chu stepped up and rested a hand on Hua Yao’s shoulder, “Don’t just judge Brother Hua in his wretched state, these injuries to him, are just a walk in the park.”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, from Hua Yao’s escape from his shackles that pinned him to the wall, this pretty youth could only be someone extraordinary.

“I have free control over my bones.” To clear up Jun Wu Xie’s doubts, Hua Yao raised a hand, and his slender fingers turned visibly soft before her eyes, and the bones within seemed to have disappeared into thin air, his hand hanging limply from his wrist.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed with a slight tinge of surprise. She had met contortionists in her previous life who were able to change their bones in certain ways, but they were in no way comparable to what Hua Yao was capable of. Hua Yao’s control over his bones did not only allow contortion, but seemingly allowed him to freely make his bones grow or disappear at will.

“What is your objective here?” Jun Wu Xie reined in her surprise. From Qiao Chu’s and Hua Yao’s actions, she was able to ascertain that they were definitely not allies of the Qing Yun Clan.

As long as they were not friendly to her enemy, she would find a use for them.

“We are here to retrieve some things, what about you?” Hua Yao restored his hand. He did not hide his objective for coming here. Just like Jun Wu Xie, he was clear they were all not friendly towards the Qing Yun Clan.

They both had their own objectives, and they could form a temporary alliance. Besides, they had another favour to ask of Jun Wu Xie, and the intelligent should know very well when they should show their sincerity.

Among them all, Jun Wu Xie, Hua Yao and Qiao Chu were intelligent people.

“I am here to wipe out the entire Qing Yun Clan.” Jun Wu Xie spoke easily, but every single one of her words stunned her listeners.

Qiao Chu widened his eyes in amazement, staring in disbelief at Jun Wu Xie, and even Hua Yao’s face showed a flash of surprise.

“You….. you must be kidding right?” Qiao Chu dug his finger into his ears furiously, thinking he might have heard Jun Wu Xie wrongly…..

Wipe out the entire Qing Yun Clan? Was this guy serious!?

“I think our objectives are not in conflict. Cooperation, or fight our own individual battles?” Jun Wu Xie was not interested in lengthy explanations. Hua Yao’s familiarity with the Hidden Cloud Peak would be useful to her, and if they agreed to cooperate, it would shorten the time she would take to annihilate the Qing Yun Clan, if not, she would not force the issue.


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