GDBBM – Chapter 272

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Chapter 272: “Brother Hua (1)”

The sight before her eyes brought a humming in Jun Wu Xie’s mind. At that moment, she felt like she had been transported back into the prison of her nightmares. Under the coercion of the demon, she was forced to watch him conduct various inhumanely cruel experiments on the human body.

Qiao Chu noticed Jun Wu Xie’s sudden pale face and he looked guiltily at Jun Wu Xie.

“I had not wanted you to see all these…..” He had obviously known of this repulsive place hidden within the Hidden Cloud Peak.

“I’m alright.” Jun Wu Xie snapped back to her senses and waved her hand. She had burned that hell on earth to the ground, and sent that demon into the inferno.

She had nothing more to fear!

Qiao Chu did not know how to console Jun Wu Xie and could only scratch his head furiously in frustration as he led them deeper into the underground chamber.

The further in they went, the sights grew more grisly. The gory hell hidden deep within the Hidden Cloud Peak, was a nightmare brought to life!

At last, Qiao Chu stopped to stand before a wall. Upon the wall, a tall youth had two hooks pierced through his pelvic bones, and nine other stakes were driven through his body. His two hands were secured by chains that hung suspended from the ceiling. Fresh red blood ran from his wounds and flowed down his body, finally dripping from his toes. A pool of blood had formed on the floor below him.

His head was lowered and he was silent, as if dead.

“You’re finally here?” A gentle but cold voice sounded suddenly, and the youth who hung from the wall suddenly came alive as he raised his head.

He had rather feminine features and looked pretty enough to make a person not want to destroy that beauty. The eyes slightly inclined at the outers corners had a small mole dotted just below one, which lent a bewitching essence to the youth’s beautiful features.

“Bro….. Brother Hua…..” Qiao Chu stared at the horribly ravaged but still pretty looking youth above.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and looked at the figure upon the wall. She measured the wounds suffered by the youth and was surprised that anyone could still remain conscious under those conditions. That guy had a very strong will.

The pretty youth frowned as his eyes set on Jun Wu Xie standing behind Qiao Chu.

“Who is that?”

Qiao Chu gulped and said: “This is the boy I mentioned to you guys before. The genius I met in Ghost City.”

Genius? Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow at that statement.

The youth who was Brother Hua narrowed his eyes further and a astonishing sight played out right before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes!

The youth who had been imprisoned by the hooks and stakes suddenly started to move. His hands that had been tied with chains seemed to slip out from them and hung limply as if his bones had been sucked out of him. While he freed himself from his shackles, he set a foot against the wall behind him and pushed himself free from the hooks on his pelvic bones. His tall slender frame drew a graceful arc in the air as he landed firmly before Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu, his bare feet in the puddle of his own blood.

Brother Hua who was standing on the firm ground had restored his hands, the distinct joints in his fingers and hands pulling out the stakes lodged into his body one by one.

The stakes removed had flesh stuck to them but he did not even flinch, and only continued to stare at Jun Wu Xie through narrowed eyes.

His escape from his imprisonment had been so graceful and easy for him that it left anyone watching stupefied.

“Why did you bring him here?” Brother Hua turned and his cold eyes bore into Qiao Chu. The pretty youth’s angry stare did not pose any real threat to Qiao Chu, but had instead been charming and gentle.


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