GDBBM – Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: “Hidden Cloud Peak (2)”

Jun Wu Xie did not reply, as things were, she had accepted them to be a fact.

Ke Cang Ju?

She would let him see who was the greater devil between them!

The game had just begun. There was no rush!

As expected, among the hundreds of candidates left, only slightly more than ten of them were picked by the Elders to enter the Inner House and less than a hundred admitted into the Outer House. The rest who made up the majority were asked to pack up and leave the mountain.

The day ended with many youth in tears, and several Qing Yun Clan disciples led the selected candidates to the various peaks.

Jun Wu Xie was put together with Qiao Chu, and the disciple that led them was the one that had almost fought with Jun Wu Xie, but now, the disciple did not treat them with his previous arrogance. It might be Jun Wu Xie’s prior diagnosis of his condition that was delivered with pinpoint accuracy, but the disciple treated them with utmost courtesy.

“The Hidden Cloud Peak isn’t too bad, and they don’t have that much to do. It shouldn’t be too tiring for you guys.” The disciple rambled on and then paused, turned his head to look around. When he was sure that there was no one else around, he turned to them and whispered: “Remember this. When you get to the Hidden Cloud Peak, do not go against Elder Ke.”

Jun Wu Xie looked up at the disciple of the Qing Yun Clan. She had heard from Bai Yun Xian about the ominous dangers of the Hidden Cloud Peak, but she had not expected to hear the well intended warning from a disciple of the Qing Yun Clan.

Noticing Jun Wu Xie’s eyes on him, the disciple turned away consciously.

“Our altercation had instead brought us together and made us fellow disciples. If I had offended you before, I hope my junior fellow disciple would forgive me.” The disciple went on.

“From which peak is my senior?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

“Me? I’m from the Cloud Treading Peak, but not a direct disciple of Elder Mu. I am only assigned odd jobs and menial tasks there. My name is Rong Heng.” Rong Heng laughed good naturedly and hesitated before he went on: “I would like to thank you for earlier. I have noted down everything you said, but might not be able to get all the herbs you mentioned. I would have to hand the prescription over to my Master.”

The sudden change in Rong Heng’s demeanour was not entirely without reason. What Jun Wu Xie had said earlier could drastically improve his veins and arteries and allow him to break his current stagnant progress and maybe achieve a breakthrough. That would change his life completely and for that, he was eternally grateful.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and was silent for a moment before she said: “If my senior can find the time in half a month’s time to come to the gates of the Hidden Cloud Peak, wait for me there an hour before noon, I have something to give you.”

Jun Wu Xie did not feel that Rong Heng owed her anything, as her actions had been only meant to attract Mu Chen’s attention and it had inadvertently brought her Rong Heng’s gratitude as well. Rong Heng’s kind intentions behind his warning to the two of them was about to win him a real reward nevertheless.

Jun Wu Xie would never forgive a wrong done upon her, but would also repay any kindness showered upon her. If she were to benefit from others, she would definitely repay in folds.

Rong Heng was not aware of the great fortune he was soon to reap, and did not know what Jun Wu Xie wanted to give him. He simply nodded and continued to lead the way.

At the gates into the Hidden Cloud Mountain, they met with another group of candidates.

They had not been selected and were supposed to leave the mountain, but a disciple of the Qing Yun Clan had led them here instead. There were about twenty to thirty of them and when they saw Jun Wu Xie and her group, their faces showed that they were pleased at their unexpected fortune but still harboured a deep resentment for Jun Wu Xie.

“Isn’t that our distinguished senior fellow disciple? Being so distinguished, he could not afford to walk as fast as us can he?” A youth in the group sneered at Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu.  


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