GDBBM – Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: “Hidden Cloud Peak (3)”

Those youths had been overcome with jealousy when the two Elders had fought over Jun Wu Xie at the selection assessment. They had given up all hope when they did not get selected and were about to leave from the summit when they met with a disciple of the Hidden Cloud Peak. He selected several tens of them and told them that Ke Cang Ju had picked them to be admitted into the Hidden Cloud Peak and they would become disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak henceforth.

What a turn of events!

They were pulled out of their despair and were elated at the news. Now that they met Jun Wu Xie again, the one who had won the envy and jealousy of every single one of them in their group, they could not contain their disdain for her.

So what if two different Elders had picked her? She was admitted into the Hidden Cloud Peak just like they were. They had wondered what ability she possessed but now it seemed she was just like anyone of them there.

Teenagers were prone to having a rebellious streak and they had already disliked Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu for being selected during the assessment. Now that they are facing the two of them, everything about them displeased the bigger group of youths.

Jun Wu Xie ignored the jeers and sneers and Rong Heng just sighed and said to Jun Wu Xie: “I can only escort you up to this point. From here on, the Hidden Cloud Peak disciple will lead you. Take care.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded at Rong Heng and walked with Qiao Chu to join up with the group who still looked at the duo with daggers in their eyes but Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu were totally unaffected as they stepped into their midst.

“You must think yourself really great! You think you are better than all of us?” A slightly older youth among them was irked by Jun Wu Xie’s cold and distant attitude and charged at Jun Wu Xie with his heavier body.

Alas, he did not even manage to even touch any part of Jun Wu Xie before Qiao Chu stepped in suddenly and grabbed his shoulder, reversed the grip of his other hand to grab the forearm, and raised his foot and kicked down forcefully!

A loud snap sounded and the youth’s arm had been broken in a flash!

And a screeching wail burst out from the youth.

A malicious expression surfaced on Qiao Chu’s usual lazy look, and he narrowed his eyes dangerously, looking at that moment, like a totally different person from Qiao Chu’s usual laidback and carefree attitude.

“Stay away or I’ll do worse.”

The youth with the broken arm continued to wail and the others turned pale and sweat ran down their backs at Qiao Chu’s brutal attack. The Qing Yun Clan’s disciple nonchalantly glanced at Qiao Chu and did not say anything.

Qiao Chu’s expression changed back like a switch, as he went back to stand beside Jun Wu Xie, his malicious expression before had disappeared without a trace. He then said with a laugh: “My fists are tough enough to fight off any who dares bully you in the Hidden Cloud Peak.”

Jun Wu Xie noted with interest Qiao Chu’s quick change in demeanor but did not see anything wrong with it.

She did not think Qiao Chu’s attack was brutal, if they were not at the Qing Yun Clan’s Cloudy Peaks, she would have told Qiao Chu that you need to root out the evil and not allow them to live to come back and haunt you. But since they were going to the Hidden Cloud Peak, that youth would not live long anyway, it did not make a difference if Qiao Chu left him alive or not.

“If you have finished playing then come with me.” The Hidden Cloud Peak disciple muttered disagreeably as he looked at the group with impatience.

Qiao Chu’s attack had frightened the youths who treated them with disdain, and no one dared utter a single word against them as they walked through the gates of the Hidden Cloud Peak.

The Hidden Cloud Peak was the second largest among the twelve peaks, after the Sovereign Qin Yue’s, and it boasted a large surface area. Upon entering the Hidden Cloud Peak, fog hung heavily in the air, and dense forests stood on both sides shrouded in the fog. Peering into the fog, beds of herbs that were planted lining both sides of the path could faintly be seen.

The Hidden Cloud Peak was well known to people externally to specialise in the planting and cultivation of herbs. It was even said, the one could find every single rare herb in the world within the Hidden Cloud Peak.

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