GDBBM – Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: “Hidden Cloud Peak (1)”

Ke Cang Ju looked sneeringly at Mu Chen and glanced at Jun Wu Xie. He did not see any joy on Jun Wu Xie’s face but saw a frown in disapproval.

“Kid, it’s your honour to be accepted into the Hidden Cloud Peak. If you are to reject me, you can get the hell out of Cloudy Peaks now.”

From snatching to threats, Ke Cang Ju’s methods were outrageously domineering and Mu Chen’s  face was dark with fury. The other Elders might not agree with Ke Cang Ju’s methods but they all maintained their silence. Though Qin Yue tried to portray himself to treat the Elders equally, they all knew how much he favoured Ke Cang Ju.

Not to mention that Ke Cang Ju was snatching a favoured disciple from right under Mu Chen’s nose, even if Ke Cang Ju were to cripple the lad called Jun Xie now, Ke Cang Ju would not be persecuted by the Qing Yun Clan.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and looked at the hideous Ke Cang Ju, her frigid eyes flashed with cold. Suddenly, she felt a slight tug at her sleeve as Qiao Chu whispered by her ear: “Jun Xie, do not do anything rash. You just wanted to get into the Qing Yun Clan, and getting in through the Cloud Treading Peak or the Hidden Cloud Peak does not make a difference right?”

Qiao Chu voice betrayed his anxiety, he knew that with Jun Xie’s prowess in his medical skills, there was nothing the Qing Yun Clan could teach him. There must be an ulterior motive behind his intention to get into the Qing Yun Clan, and instead of rejecting Ke Cang Ju and getting thrown out, why not go along with his wishes for now.

Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes and held back her murderous intent.

“I agree.” She spat out the words coldly.

And Ke Cang Ju broke into a hideous smile.

“Kid, you will soon find out that you had made the right choice today.” Ke Cang Ju cackled eerily in laughter, ignoring the fuming Mu Chen and just turned to leave.

Jun Wu Xie stared upon Ke Cang Ju’s departing back and her eyes were filled with chill.

He would soon know, how lethal a mistake he had just committed.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, and forcibly suppressed the raging fire within. He tried hard to maintain a face of calm, but the tightness in his mouth betrayed the rage within.

“If you still find that is a need in the future, you can come look for me in the Cloud Treading Peak. My invitation to you, will still stand.” Mu Chen said softly to Jun Wu Xie.

He did not care what kind of atrocities Ke Cang Ju had committed, but the youth before his eyes was a sincerely highly talented individual and he did not want the youth to be despoiled under the hands of Ke Cang Ju. He would not let go of the slightest chance, no matter how miniscule, for the chance to have the highly gifted child live.

“Thank you.” Jun Wu Xie looked at Mu Chen, sincerely grateful. Jun Wu Xie could feel Mu Chen’s sincerity.

Mu Chen nodded helplessly. With Ke Cang Ju’s interference, Mu Chen had lost all desire to accept any new disciples. The best candidates had already been taken, and the rest were beneath his notice.

Mu Chen had not known, his rare offer made today, would be the one that changed his life.

With two Elders leaving, the rest of the youths were getting flustered. But to fight for the remaining spots, they tried their hardest to present their best.

For Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie who had been selected to enter the Hidden Cloud Peak, they retreated quietly and stood to the side in stark contrast to the other flustered youths.

“I know you wanted to go to the Cloud Treading Peak, but we were left with no choice. Rest assured though, with me around, not even that hideous monster from the Hidden Cloud Peak would be able to touch you.” Qiao Chu said to reassure Jun Wu Xie.  

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