GDBBM – Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: “Unspoken Intentions (2)”

Thinking back on it, Jun Wu Xie’s plan was not without its merits. They had killed the delegation from the Qing Yun Clan that had included the daughter of the Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign. If the Qing Yun Clan got wind of it, they would come down hard, raining untold wrath upon the tiny kingdom of Qi.

If they wait till the Qing Yun Clan stirred and commenced their retaliation against Qi, their position would become much more precarious to the dangers that lay ahead.

The Qing Yun Clan’s might laid not only in their disciples, but was greatly amplified by the various powers and countries that stood behind them. If the Qing Yun Clan mobilized everything they could, not even tens of Qi Kingdoms could hope to stand against that mightiest of armies.

“Wu Xie, I know you are a very capable girl. But heading off to the Qing Yun Clan is really too big a risk to take.” Jun Xian sighed, things keep coming at them one after another, and peace never stayed long enough for them to catch their breaths.

“Rest assured Grandfather, I have thought it through. I will not face them head on, and moreover, my teacher will be with me! He will help me through.” Jun Wu Xie had been left with no choice but to bring her made up teacher into the picture which made Jun Xian a little less worried.

“Moreover, there is no way we can avoid them anymore. I’ll rather take my chances to strike at them first, without them knowing, than have the Qing Yun Clan find out, and have us persecuted, and we have to run for our lives.”

“Wu Xie, this is a grave matter. If anything happens to you, you must not hide it from us.” Jun Qing reminded her, his heart full of unease.

Jun Wu Xie nodded in agreement.

The trip to the Qing Yun Clan, would take a few months at least. It would be impossible for her to disappear for months under the watchful eyes of her grandfather and uncle, hence, she had decided to tell them the truth. Making use of her make believe teacher, Jun Wu Xie had convinced them somewhat.

That afternoon, Jun Wu Xie made her way to the Imperial Palace. Qin Yu Yan who had been left in the Imperial main hall had already slipped into semi consciousness and she had looked utterly terrible, the whites of her eyes showing, and convulsions racked her body.

Bai Yun Xian saw Jun Wu Xie approach and stepped to one side of the hall to get out of the way as she watched the guards drag Qin Yu Yan out of the main hall and a whole bunch of palace maids and eunuchs rushing in to clean up the bloody and gory mess splattered all over the place, without missing a spot.

“Come with me.” Jun Wu Xie glanced at Bai Yun Xian, and she led the way towards the previous Crown Prince Palace.

The palace had been “loaned” to Mo Xuan Fei for his “temporary stay”. With the passing of Mo Xuan Fei, the place had regained its peace and tranquility.

Bai Yun Xian followed behind Jun Wu Xie quietly, not daring to utter a single word, and she just hurried along with her head lowered.

Jun Wu Xie sat down when she reached the palace and looked at the nervous Bai Yun Xian and said: “I want to know everything about the Qing Yun Clan.”

Bai Yun Xian raised her head in puzzlement, and she looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Although Jun Wu Xie had not said anything, she could make a rather good guess at Jun Wu Xie’s intentions.

The young girl’s great mind had been meticulous in her plans and left nothing to chance. When she had decided on killing the entire delegation sent by the Qing Yun Clan, she must have already set her sight on the whole Qing Yun Clan itself.

She knew that the Qing Yun Clan was not known for the benevolence and mercy, and would not spare her or the Qi Kingdom, hence, she had decided to strike at the Qing Yun Clan first?

Having guessed so much of Jun Wu Xie’s intentions, Bai Yun Xian was feeling rather uneasy about it. She needs to take her antidote every three days, and if Jun Wu Xie went to the Qing Yun Clan, what was to happen to her?

“What I have here is the antidote, enough to last you through the next six months. I will hand them over to my uncle. And after I leave, he will send someone to deliver the medicine to you every three days. While I’m away, you will have to stay in the Imperial Palace.” Jun Wu Xie said, as if reading Bai Yun Xian mind. Jun Wu Xie then produced a porcelain bottle and opened the stopper gently, letting out the familiar fragrance of the antidote contained within.

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