GDBBM – Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: “Unspoken Intentions (1)”

Early the next morning, Jun Wu Xie woke up to find herself wrapped up snugly in a robe that had kept her warm throughout the night, while searching her mind in futility for any memory of having climbed into bed.

During breakfast, the Jun Family of three generations had sat together at the table, but Jun Wu Yao had as usual made a short appearance and disappeared again.

Over breakfast, Jun Wu Xie had related yesterday’s events at the Imperial Palace simply to the Jun father and son, and when she finished, she had not reacted to their astounded faces and had proceeded to lower her head and sip at her cup of tea.

“Did you say that His Majesty is currently still bedridden and immobile in the Imperial Palace? And you had just left Qin Yu Yan in the Imperial main hall?” Jun Qing almost had a seizure at the methods his beloved niece had employed and at the callous way she had treated the Emperor of Qi! He knew deep down that Mo Qian Yuan, who was the ruler of the kingdom, did not put up any pretentious fronts with Jun Wu Xie, but at such a time when his life was at risk, Jun Wu Xie had abandoned the Emperor as he laid barely alive in his chambers without even summoning for a single Imperial Doctor and just carelessly thrown the responsibility of caring for the Emperor to two palace guards. That was done a little too….. haphazardly, isn’t it?

And as for the Eldest Miss of the Qing Yun Clan, Jun Wu Xie had brazenly just left her locked in the Imperial main hall. Mo Qian Yuan might not be able to attend court, but that was just too reckless.

Jun Wu Xie did not see that she had done anything inappropriate.

“Mo Qian Yuan will live, and Qin Yu Yan will not die in the next few days.” Jun Wu Xie assured her uncle.

“………” Jun Qing threw up his hands in surrender.

“Till when do you intend to keep Qin Yu Yan there? You can’t seal the Imperial Court forever right?”

“I will make Bai Yun Xian thrown her into the dungeons later today.” There was an Emperor in there anyway, an additional Miss would not make much of a difference. As she sipped the last of her tea, Jun Wu Xie finally felt ready to discuss in detail with her grandfather and uncle.

“Qin Yu Yan will die soon, so do not worry for the dead. There is another matter, that I need to talk to both of you about.”

Jun Xian and Jun Qing exchanged a tired knowing glance and waited for Jun Wu Xie to go on.

“I intend to go to the Qing Yun Clan.” Jun Wu Xie said those shockingly disturbing words calmly.



Watching the looks of disapproval on the two people closest to her, Jun Wu Xie bit on her lip, thinking how she can explain the rationale behind the trip.

For what the Qing Yun Clan had put the Jun Family through, Jun Wu Xie was not prepared to forgive, and had killed the delegation sent to Qi. But the mastermind was still sitting atop the Qing Yun Clan, oblivious to the fact that his daughter, an Elder, and various disciples had been killed. When the news reaches him, the Qing Yun Clan will declare war on Qi and their tiny kingdom will not be able to stand up to them.

To catch the enemy unprepared, taking advantage of the first strike, or be prepared to receive the full brunt of their retaliation. She did not need Mo Qian Yuan to learn the same lesson again.

Besides that, Jun Wu Xie had another reason to go to the Qing Yun Clan.

It was the Soul Calming Jade!

The Qing Yun Clan having mobilised so much of their resources to get their hands on the Soul Calming Jade must have had a good reason to do so. Little Lotus had recognized the Soul Jade to be the Soul Calming Jade from the spiritual world, but had not been able to provide any further information about it. Jun Wu Xie had the nagging feeling that the Soul Calming Jade could bring her father back to life and that was what gave her the other reason to go to the Qing Yun Clan. To gather more information on the Soul Calming Jade.

She did not intend to reveal the second reason to the Jun Family’s father and son. It was just her intuition and she did not want to give them false hope, and subject them to uncalled for despair in the end.

Jun Wu Xie had only told them that they needed to catch their enemies unawares and they had already reacted so strongly. She did not want to imagine their reaction if she had shared her guess on the capabilities of the Soul Calming Jade.

The Jun Family’s father and son were aware of what Jun Wu Xie was capable of achieving when she puts her mind to it. But her intention was to the on the Qing Yun Clan! The top and the mightiest clan throughout the lands!

Would she really take down and obliterate Qing Yun Clan from the face of these lands?

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