GDBBM – Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: “Fourth Slap (6)”

“You cannot kill me, I am the eldest daughter of the Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign. If you dare to kill me, my father will spare none of you, and the Qing Yun Clan will obliterate the whole of your Qi Kingdom!” Forcefully squeezing out the last remaining vestiges of arrogance within her, Qin Yu Yan stared at Jun Wu Xie, as she forced down the fear that threatened to overcome her but her hand betrayed her false bravado as her knuckles turned white from the tight grip she exerted upon the arm of the throne.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow. She had not had any direct contact with Qin Yu Yan before this, but her threat had sounded exactly like what Bai Yun Xian had thrown at her before.

Recalling the scene, Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Bai Yun Xian who was hiding silently in the corner, trying her best not to be noticed. Jun Wu Xie’s stare was enough to bring Bai Yun Xian to her knees as her knees buckled and she fell heavily with a loud thud onto the ground.

Besides Qing Yun Clan, couldn’t they say something new?

“Bring her.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

Drunk Lotus leapt up to the throne and a scream erupted from Qin Yu Yan’s throat.

The pampered and spoilt Qin Yu Yan was no match for Drunk Lotus and almost immediately, Qin Yu Yan was dragged unceremoniously by the hair off the throne to come before Jun Wu Xie.

The Eldest Miss of the Qing Yun Clan, was handled roughly by the abrasive Drunk Lotus, who did not even see her as human.

“The poison in him, was given by you?” Jun Wu Xie pointed at Mo Qian Yuan upon the black beast’s back.

Qin Yu Yan’s lips trembled and thought to push the blame only the deceased Jiang Chen Qing, but the cold frosty eyes before her made her change her mind in a hurry and swallowed back the lie that was at her throat.

“I have the antidote!” Qin Yu Yan offered hurriedly.

A mocking laugh sounded from the corner where Bai Yun Xian had fallen. She had not been close to Qin Yu Yan and when she saw the always haughty and arrogant Eldest Miss falling into the same pit as she had before, her heart lit with twisted glee.


With Jun Wu Xie’s knowledge in medicine, she wouldn’t care for Qin Yu Yan’s antidote.

“Poisons and antidotes, hand over all that you have.” Jun Wu Xie ordered dismissively.

Qin Yu Yan hurriedly took out all the poison and antidote bottles she had on her, but Jun Wu Xie simply said: “All.”

Qin Yu Yan was stunned for a moment and in the next second, a sharp pain on her scalp shot through her entire body that brought unstoppable tears to her eyes and she looked pitifully at the gorgeous man standing behind Jun Wu Xie, pleading for help.

And Jun Wu Yao only smiled devilishly.

“Do you not understand? Take out all the poisons and antidotes you have on you!” Drunk Lotus pulled impatiently on Qin Yu Yan’s hair again but he exerted too much of his strength and found that he held a bunch of hair in his hands.

Having a bunch of her hair pulled out forcefully, she howled in pain at that moment and Drunk Lotus grabbed at another bunch before she could recover.

“Hurry it up or I’ll pull out all your hair.” Jun Wu Xie did not give him orders to kill her, but torture should be all right!

Drunk Lotus’ ominous warning terrified Qin Yu Yan greatly and she flurried in haste to take out every single bottle of elixir, medicine and every last bottle she had on her to put them all before Jun Wu Xie.

More than ten bottles were displayed before Jun Wu Xie as she stared at the pale faced Qin Yu Yan, and turned to look at the bottles. She picked them up one by one and sniffed at them.

“If you would spare me, I can give you however much elixirs or medicines that you want! My father will give them to you, anything that you want!” Drunk Lotus’ brutality had scared the wits out of Qin Yu Yan and she was bawling her eyes out in pain. The graceful and beautiful face had lost all its former glory and with the way she looked now, no one would be able to picture her to be one and the same person with the cruel, vicious and venomously scheming Eldest Miss of the greatly feared and revered Qing Yun Clan.

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