GDBBM – Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: “Fourth Slap (5)”

Before Jiang Chen Qing had recovered from Jun Wu Xie’s shocking command, Drunk Lotus suddenly appeared in front of him. With his vertebrae snapped, he hung like a limp rag doll as Drunk Lotus picked him up. The others watched on in horror and only cringed in silence as they had grown fearful of Drunk Lotus’ prowess while Jiang Chen Qing’s face grew pale and was helpless to offer any resistance.

“You brought doom upon yourself, if you had remained silent, I had intended to kill you last. But you had to displease my mistress didn’t you? That sealed your fate.” Drunk Lotus laughed mockingly at Jiang Chen Qing. Jun Wu Xie had always been cold and unfeeling, and very few things in the world can incite her to anger.

But anything that involved the members of the Jun Family, easily ignited the dormant murderous intent that within her.

This dolt actually openly admitted that the Qing Yun Clan Sovereign had not been serious in treating Jun Qing previously.

They let Jun Qing stay crippled for ten long years, there was no way Jun Wu Xie would show the tiniest bit of mercy to them.

They had repeatedly harmed the Jun Family, the scoundrel truly deserved it.

“Don’t…..” Jiang Chen Qing was trembling in fright. He had lost all the cockiness that had been so prevalent when he first arrived in Qi and started pleading for his life.

“I might as well tell you. My Mistress’ knowledge and skills in medicine overshadows your beloved quack Sovereign’s by leaps and bounds and she has already healed her uncle’s legs.” Drunk Lotus enjoyed seeing the expressions on Jiang Chen Qing’s face switching between fear and shock when he could have killed him with a single blow, but that would have been too easy for him. For someone who caused displeasure to his Mistress, Drunk Lotus wanted him to feel and languish in horror as the fingers of fear creep in and gripped the heart before he dies.

Jiang Chen Qing’s face had turned deathly white, and he has accomplished what he wanted, and there was no reason to prolong it.

His blood smeared fist raised and smashed right into the face of Jiang Chen Qing. His head exploded with the impact and blood, bone and brain covered Drunk Lotus. There was no disgust, but the gore only brightened the flame that was in his eyes.

The taste of slaughter, was heavenly sweet!

Releasing his grip, he dropped the headless body of Jiang Chen Qing on the floor, and rushed straight at his next target.

Agonized screams sounded out from the main hall, and the highly skilled aggressors that had thrashed the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial authority and trampled over the Jun Family’s dignity had now been reduced to be like animals awaiting their slaughter, resisting in futility against the fists of Drunk Lotus, and only resulting in a more painful death.

He had looked to be such a charming and glamorous youth, but his method of killing was many times more bloody and gory than anything they had ever seen!

In just a short while, ravaged and broken bodies lay scattered around Drunk Lotus.

The smell of blood grew thick within the main hall and almost all of the people from the Qing Yun Clan had been disposed off, except for a lone Qin Yu Yan and a visibly shaking Bai Yun Xian who had hid in a corner.

Qin Yu Yan was speechless as she stared upon the bloody sight within the main hall, as fear and shock were reflected in her eyes.

Jiang Chen Qing was dead, the Qing Yun Clan disciples were dead, and even the invited highly skilled experts, were all dead…..

She raised her head as the blood drained from her face and she looked at Jun Wu Xie standing before the doors of the main hall. She had been the one who had issued the orders for everything that had transpired here today. Jun Wu Xie had only been a Young Miss of a tiny unnoticed Qi Kingdom’s, Lin Palace. What did she have to offer to employ such overly powerful allies to her cause?

“Mistress, that one over there….. kill?” Drunk Lotus strode over to stand before Jun Wu Xie, his face beaming in content, as he pointed his slender finger at Qin Yu Yan who was standing before the throne.

That finger, pointed in her direction, had made Qin Yu Yan’s blood turn to ice, as she staggered backwards in a panic and fell awkwardly back onto the throne.

The glittering throne had blood splattered all over it in the earlier chaos and slaughter, and the contrasting dark red blood against the bright glittery gold make it a ghastly sight to see.


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