GDBBM – Chapter 227

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Chapter  227: “Only for a Gentleman (2)”

Wen Xin Han looked at Jun Wu Xie in consternation and stared at the bottle in his hand.

What is this little girl saying?

He had seen Drunk Lotus in action, and Wen Xin Han was not completely confident to come out of a fight with him unscathe. He knew exactly what Jun Wu Xie had meant when she had said he will die here, and knew deep in his heart it was not just an empty threat.

And she had also said….. her elixir would save a life….. was that really the truth?

They saw that Wen Xin Han had been about to make his move when Jun Wu Xie’s bottle of elixirs had confused him back into inaction. The aggressors turned helpless defenders under the overwhelming assault from Drunk Lotus and the black beast grew desperate.

“Wen Xin Han! Do not fall under the spell of that witch! Even the Qing Yun Clan Sovereign was not completely confident of treating your grandson, how capable can a little lass like her be? She’s just dragging for time to kill us before she can consolidate her forces to take you on! Do not fall for her scheme!”

Wen Xin Han stood staring in wonder at Jun Wu Xie. He would not even have given it a thought if he had only considered her age, but something about her when he saw her calm and completely confident eyes clicked in his mind, and he felt a sense of unhurried certainty from her.

‘To fight with his life at stake, or leave cradling this last hope in his arms?’

‘If he were to die, his grandson would have no way to live either. He knew the callousness of the Qing Yun Clan too well, even if he were to die here in battle today for their cause, they would not waste their time on his grandson whom they had no use for without his grandfather.’

‘If that was the case, why should he risk his life?’

“Your name is Jun Wu Xie?” Wen Xin Han raised his head and looked at Jun Wu Xie.


“I’ll remember you. I will not further involve myself here today. If this elixir really works, Wen Xin Han will henceforth owe you his life. But if you were to deceive me, I will do everything I can to bring down the Jun Family, even at the cost of these old bones.” Wen Xin Han had decided to take a gamble, he was not confident of surviving a battle with Drunk Lotus, and if he died, his grandson would have no chance to live either.

‘Accepting Jun Wu Xie suggestion was an alternative, it would be the best scenario if it could save his grandson. If it could not, he would make Jun Wu Xie pay in blood.’

“I don’t want your life.” Jun Wu Xie rejected coldly, and it answered the unspoken question in Wen Xin Han’s mind.

Wen Xin Han suddenly roared in laughter, faced with such a confident and arrogant little girl, he couldn’t find it in his heart to dislike her.

“Fine! If it works, I will make it my duty to protect the Jun Family till the day I die, how’s that?”

“You think I can’t protect it myself?”

‘That arrogance!’

This was a first for Wen Xin Han. He had never come across a kid as unruly and rebellious as Jun Wu Xie was. If not for the wrong timing and circumstances, he would have liked to see, what this young girl who broke through to attain an orange spirit at such a young age, was capable of.

“I have caused disturbance today, we’ll meet again” Wen Xin Han did not want to be associated with the Qing Yun Clan any further. If not for his grandson, whose life hung by a thread, he would not have agreed to partake in such acts of tyranny with the highly regarded Qing Yun Clan.

With those words, Wen Xin Han dispelled his spirit’s oppressive pressure and with a flick of his voluminous sleeves, he soared into the air, leaving the shouts and curses of the blue spirit users far behind.

“Is he really gone?” Jun Qing had watched the scene play out with incredulity, not understanding how Wen Xin Han had been so easily coaxed to leave with a few words from Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie explained: “Drunk Lotus’ strength was glaringly obvious, and he knew he would not escape unscathed. If he dies, the Qing Yun Clan will not save the person he wants to save. Rather than to work to the bone to do the Qing Yun Clan bidding, why not take a gamble.” It must be said, Jun Wu Xie had clearly read Wen Xin Han heart and mind, and cornered him into make the most logical choice.

For one who survived the Yan Kingdom’s Emperor’s deadly persecution till today, and managed to breakthrough to attain a rare indigo spirit, Jun Wu Xie had very good reason to believe, Wen Xin Han knew how to choose.

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